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Chief Engineer

Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew

Dear Sirs.

I am  looking for vacant position on Oil tankers (including VLCC) and OBO fleet with reasonable duration of contract not exceed 3- 4(max) months. 
 Just couple of words regarding my working history since graduation of Marine Acadimy.
I have over 24 years of tanker and OBO experience since graduation of Novorossiysk Marine State Acadimy (1988 - 1993).
From 1997 and up to July 2007 - working as an Second Engineer and from 01/12/2007 in Chief Engineer's rank.
From 1999 up to 2010 working with V.Ships Norway AS including KGJS Fleet - SKS Torrens, SKS Skeena (whilst part of vessels have been under V.Ships Norway Management up to 2008).
Since 2011 and up to 2014 - working in Chief Engineer's rank with KGJS (Kristian G.Jebsen Skipsrederi AS, Bergen) OBO and Tankers branch (SKS Mosel). 
In October 2014 left KGJS due changeover crewing.
 Have large experience with operation and repair Framo (OBO vessels) as well as steam cargo equipment.
 Since 2016 and up to february 2018 - working with Stena – Northern Marine Management Glasgow in Fleet Group 6 - Tankers and VLCC. Last three tours of duties 3 x 3 Months working on VLCC Gener 8 Poseidon in Chief Engineer's rank.
 Unfortunately since beg 2017 - Owners start sold a lot of VLCC vessels after dry docking and large number of Officers have been made redundant.
During servicing in 2E and CE ranks I have dry docking experience 6 times whilst working with V.Ships Norway and KGJS Norway AS (Bergen).
 Dry Dock experiences as below:  
1) Product Tanker "Polyanka" Unicom MGMT, CY - Simbawang Shipyard (Singapore), june-july 1997 - 2nd Engineer 
2) Product Tanker "Arbat" Unicom MGMT, CY - Siros Shipyard (Greece), may 1999 - 2nd Engineer 
3) Oil & Bulk Ore Tanker "Ocean Princess" V. Ships Norway AS - DD Tuzla Shipyard (Turkey) , march 2003 - 2nd Engineer 
4) Oil & Bulk Ore Tanker " SKS Torrens" KGJS/V. Ships Norway AS - DD Lisnave Shipyard (Portugal), october-november 2005 - 2nd Engineer 
5) Oil & Bulk Ore Tanker " SKS Mosel" KGJS Norway AS - DD Gemi Shipyard (Tuzla, Turkey), september 2011 - Chief Engineer 
6)  Oil & Bulk Ore Tanker " SKS Mosel" KGJS Norway AS - DD Gemi Shipyard (Tuzla, Turkey), june 2013 - Chief Engineer   
Experience with PMS (Planned Maintenance Systems) operation as follow: 
1) AMOS-D; 
2) AMOS-Windows (Certified); 
3) Shipsure VL1 (Ctrtified); 
4) MPS/MSK. 
Kindly let me know regarding copies of my working documents as requires in case of acceptance of job offer.
In general terms (mainly) - all documents and certificates including Chief Engineer's Licence valid up to 23.10.2020.
- Foreign passport valid up to 30.03.2023
- Seamen ID valid up to 05.07.2020
- US Visa valid up to 21.02.2020
- Schengen Visa expired 02.09.2018
- Last UK Visa expired 24.12.2016
- Physical Examination Certificate expired 23.08.2018
- Last D&A Test Certificate 21.08.2017
- Yellow Fever Certificate of vaccination valid up to 29.09.2019

Thank You and always welcome with any questions. 
 Kindly let me know if some job offer available for my position preferably on VLCC fleet. 

Thank You and have a nice day.

Best Regards,
Chief Engineer

Novorossiysk, Krasnodar region,
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