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Utilize my Chief Engineering license with 28+ years of experience and gain a satisfying position in a related position.



One Commercial Place, 20th Floor

Norfolk, VA 23510

? (2009 to present) Chief Engineer aboard the Sealand Racer, a container ship. In charge of operation, maintenance, and repair of all main propulsion and auxiliary machinery, while managing a staff of over 15 licensed and unlicensed professional mariners and shipboard contractors.

? (2001–2009) Chief engineer aboard the Sealand Florida container ship in charge of operation, maintenance, and repair of all main propulsion and auxiliary machinery

? (1996–2001) First Assistant Engineer aboard the Sealand Performance.

? (1983-1996) Assistant Engineer aboard various deep sea going vessels.


Graduate of Calhoon M.E.B.A Engineering School

Baltimore, MD February, 1983


Chief Engineer, Steam, Motor, Gas turbines, Unlimited Horsepower USCG license

? Incident Investigation, ABS Certified

? ISM Code Internal Auditor, ABS Certified

? MEBA Engineering School, Ships Management


Highly motivated versatile engineering professional, with 28 years maritime experience on deep sea vessels. Results-oriented with the ability to oversee technical, operational, and safety aspects. A talent for troubleshooting and problem solving. Strong leadership and motivational skills have proven effective in building working relationships with persons from all walks of life, while maintaining a safe working environment. I have effectively communicated and acted as a liaison to various company officials and executives to understand the shipboard operations and how that effects the day to day shore side operations and logistics.

As Chief Engineer I was in charge of operations, maintenance and repairs of main propulsion and all auxiliary machinery.

I was responsible for all repairs and operations aboard our vessel, including the safety,maintenance,budget and repair programs.


Myrtle Beach, SC,
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