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Chief Electrician



A responsible position utilizing experience in the oilfield industry as a Senior Rig Electrician, offering a stable career environment with opportunities for professional growth and contribution.


? Experience: Contribution Ten Years comprehensive professional experience with reputable

drilling companies.

• To Employment With:

-1- Company : DMM Drilling Company

Location : Algeria

Position : Rig Chief Electrician

Date : Jan 2009 to Dec 2009

Duties : GE MCC, VFD, Mud Pump, Air Condition, Communication

PG Systems, Power cabling Distribution, Lighting &

Instrumentation Rig Operation

-2- Company : Weatherford Drilling International

Location : Pakistan

Position : Rig Senior Electrician { NOV Land Rig # 810 }

Date : August 2008 to Dec 2009

Duties : IDEAL Rig National Oil Well Varco Module 2008, EDS

Systems, ROOS Hill SCR,GE MCC, VFD, Mud Pump, Air

Condition, Communication PG Systems, Power cabling

Distribution, Lighting & Instrumentation Rig Operations

-3- Company : Atlantic Oil Field Services Pakistan Co. Ltd

Location : Pakistan

Position : Rig Senior Electrician { Land Rig # 6 }

Date : July, 2007 to June, 2008

Duties : SCR System & MCC System Job Description: Agitator Motors,

Explosion Lights, Power Distribution Cabling &

Instrumentations Installation rig site.

-4- Company : Precision Drilling Services

Location : Al-Khobar Saudi Arabia

Position : Rig Electrician { Land Rig # 799 }

Date : February, 2006 to January, 2007

Duties : SCR System & MCC System Job Description: Agitator Motors,

Explosion Lights, Power Distribution Cabling &

Instrumentations Installation rig site.

-5- Company : Weatherford Oil Tool (ME) LTD

Location : Karachi, Pakistan

Position : Work Shop Electrical Technician

Date : January, 2001 to December, 2005

Duties : Responsible for all electrically operated oilfield equipments

including Gen-Sets & Power Units. Overhead Crane, Air Drilling Unit & Nitrogen Unit.

-6- Company : KRAKOW Oil & Gas Exploration Company (OGEC)

Location : Pakistan

Position : Assistant Electrician { Land Rig # 1700 & RR-600 }

Date : January 1998 to November, 2001

Duties : Electrical cabling, wiring for instrument panel, SCR & MCC

Controlling System, AC Motor, DC Motor, Generator, Camp,

site electrical work, repair & maintenance of Rig Power Units

-7- Company : Tapal Energy Ltd

Location : Hub Industrial Area Pakistan

Position : Jr. Plant Electrician { Power Producing Firm }

Date : February,1998 to November, 1997


Education Qualification : Intermediate (High School with Science Group from Karachi Pakistan)

Computer Skill : Basic Computer Courses (MS Office) from Computer Science

Academy Karachi

Languages : Arabic, English, Urdu

Technical Qualification :

(a) Successfully complete Diploma (DAE) from Sindh Board of Technical Education Karachi Pakistan as “Associate Engineer Electrical ?

from 1991 to 1994

(b) Awarded License as “Electrical Wiring? from Government of Sindh Work Permit Examination Licensing Board Karachi Region

from 1999 to 2002

(c) Awarded Authorization License as “Electrical Supervisor? from Government of Sindh Electrical Wiring Work Permit Examination

Licensing Board Karachi Region and” from 2004 to ,2005


(d) Successfully complete Course with Martin Decker Training program Pakistan as “Drilling Rig Instrumentation Repair & Calibration” during working with Weatherford Oil Tool Me LTD, Pakistan operations in the

Year of 2003

(e) Successfully complete Short Course “Electrical Supervisor” from Y.M.C.A Political Institute through Sindh Board of Technical

Education, Karachi, in the Year of 2006

(f) Successfully complete Field Training Course “Rig Electrical Equipment” under Instructor of Modespec Engineering (Intl.) B.V. at Rig Site during working with Atlantic Oilfield Services Pakistan Co Ltd

in the Year of 2008

(g) Successfully complete Short Course for SCR Trouble Shooting & Fault Rectification Training for National OilWell Varco (NOV)during working with Weatherford

Drilling International Rig No. 810 in Year 2009

(h) Having IADC HSE Rig Pass Program “ IADC Training & Operation Passport” form International Association of Drilling Contractors received in the year of 2009,


Technical Achievement :

A) Safety Courses accomplished during working in Pakistan with Weatherford Pakistan Drilling

Operation for British Petroleum (BP) AND

Precision Drilling Company Saudi Arabia

? Electrical Safety Courses “Drilling Rig Operation”.

? Fire Fighting Course “Drilling Rig SITE”.

? Safety course (H?S) Hydrogen sulphide.

? Personal Protective Equipment – how to use and wear.

? Working at height – techniques and equipment to use

? Lifting Operation

? Safe & Defensive Driving – Module 1 & 2

? Working in Confined spaces.

? Energy Isolation.

B) During working with KRAKOW Oil & Gas Exploration Company (OGEC) Certificate Courses as

Rigger of electrical and mechanical equipment at drilling sites

? Generator Diesel operation and handling

? Flood lights and explosion proof equipment working and installation

? SCR units and electrical equipments operating at rig


? HSE policy

? HSE objectives

? HSE operating procedures

? HSE Committee & Meetings

? Holds safety meetings for the entire rig site team.

? Participates in accident/incident investigations and reporting as required.

? Identifies high risk situations, document them, and adopt preventive measures.

• Behavior

? Adaptable s Deductive Reasoning s Delegation

? Forward Looking Problem Solving s Self Directed sEnergy Level


• Essential Job Duties:

• Provide on-site supervision

• Read and fully comprehend manuals, schematics, blueprints, as built drawings of the rig and all

related equipment.

• Monitor the work performance of Rig Electricians & Trainees to insure the work is done properly

and all safety regulations are adhered too.

• Liaison with Rig Supervisor, ToolPusher, Rig Mechanic, Drill Crew, and others as required for the

proper scheduling of repairs and maintenance work.

• Perform troubleshooting & repairs that could be deemed outside the experience level of on-site

Rig Electricians & Trainees.

• Making use of the troubleshooting & repair instances as opportunities to perform on-the-job

training whenever possible.

• Complete on-site work permits, perform pre-job checks and assign maintenance & repair jobs to

Rig Electricians as per their individual experience level

• Perform post-job checks and testing of equipment after repairs.

• Perform daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual inspections and maintenance

as set forth in the preventative maintenance program.

• Complete daily electrician's reports, equipment maintenance reports, preventative maintenance

reports, distribute as required.

• Order materials & supplies as required for implementing necessary repairs and maintaining an

on-site stock level of expendables and critical spares.

• Fully familiar with the following RIG Equipments:

? Ross Hill SCR Systems

? IPS SCR System

? Baylor SCR Systems and Brake Controllers

? Disk Brake Controllers

? PLC (Programmable Logic Controls

? Caterpillar Engine controls

? Martin/Decker Instrumentation (MD TOTCO)

• References : Provide as per request

Karachi Pakistan, Karachi,
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