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Project Engineering / Project Management


  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
  • Management
  • Marketing and sales
  • Marine and Industrial applications
  • Internet strategies
  • Design and coding of internet applications
  • Analyzing markets and implementation of products
  • Optimization of production processes
  • Planning and calculation of midsize to large size projects
  • Auto CAD blueprint development electrical and mechanical
  • All aspects of marine mechanical repairs and surveys
  • All aspects of marine electrical repairs upgrades and installation including Radar and AIS systems
  • All aspect of NEMA network systems
  • Marine engine rebuilt Diesel and Gasoline
  • Extensive knowledge of shore power and on board 120 – 240 Volt AC systems
  • Extensive knowledge of on board DC systems
  • Extensive knowledge of marine parts and accessories
  • ABYC NFPA and EPA codes
  • US Coast Guard regulations for recreational vessels
  • 50 Ton captains license


PCS Marine Inc. Pittsburg, CA

President / Founder                                                                            2008-2016

  • Planned and design companies internet marketing strategy
  • Created website customer database and newsletters system
  • Established customer base
  • Designed and established online shop for marine parts
  • Optimized google search results up to 350.000 clicks per month
  • Opened 10.000 Sqft repair facility
  • Designed constructed and streamlined repair department
  • Managed repair and parts department
  • Managed sales and customer relationships
  • Designs and planning of all custom builds
  • Managed and executed large boat restoration projects like the 1946 LCM Landing craft Vessels name All In can be seen in the latest Season of the Discovery channel documentary “Gold in the bearing Sea”
  • Increased customer base to 1680 customers
  • Increased companies revenue between 2014-2015 by %68
  • Founded subdivision
  • Working with ABYC (Kevin Ritz) on the topic ESD Electric Shock Drowning
  • Designed and built test equipment to perform GFCI/ELCI compatibility tests and ground fault tests for marinas and boats still in beta stage
  • PCS Marine Inc. sale pending 2016


President / Co Founder

 Sale & Marketing Company of high-definition browser-based video & software programs utilizing user’s desktops(cloud software)

Chief Technical Officer/Founder                                                             2004-2007

  • Project Management and software development
  • Sales and implementation of industrial software application
  • Founded subdivision 360icoach for sport related software applications
  • Sold and embedded 360icoach software in the professional sports industry like reference San Francisco Giants
  • Electronic circuits I & II, signals & systems I, II, and III
  • Machine and assembly language. Responsible for designing and prototyping digital and analog control circuits and systems
  • Projects included high voltage power supplies, radar systems, fiber optic cables, and high-speed comparator logic circuit
  • Ability to employ the Internet to conduct technical research, specify and locate electronic hardware component information
  • Projects included power supplies, radar systems, fiber optic cables, and high-speed comparator logic circuits.
  • Sold company in 2007

SQUASH ATHLETIC CENTER –Large Scale European Athletic Center

Nuernberg, Germany   

President / Co Founder                                                                                                  2000-2003

  • Bought and oversaw the remodeling and construction of an 85,000 square-foot athletic center.
  • Managed Marketing and sales department
  • Increased companies revenue from $700.000 to $1.68 million
  • Managed in house accessories shop
  • Managed Engineering department
  • Managed in house restaurant
  • Managed all sport activities squash state and world championships
  • Created and embedded Squash and Gym 99 Euro Club card
  • Manager for customer relationships 
  • Supervised staff of over 78 employees.
  • Honored by the Bavarian Business Chamber of Commerce 2002
  • Sold company 2003

PARATEC INDUSTRIAL GmBH (Inc.) - Light & Sound System Production

Nuernberg, Germany

President / Co Founder

Electronic installations and Engineering department                                                       1996-1999

  • Foreman of five employees.
  • Worked directly with the Architects and building Engineers.
  • Negotiated contracts and estimation for projects
  • Design of professional sound system
  • Sales of professional sound and light systems
  • Installed and welded cross ties for industrial light systems.
  • Designed manufactured and patented custom surround speaker system
  • Wired buildings for light and sound systems, installed power units for light systems, programmed low voltage light controllers, defined and planned sound and light systems.
  • Sold company 1999



Diploma in Automatic Systems and Industrial Electronics Engineering                                            1996

Master of Engineering Electrical-Mechanical Engineering                                                              1994

APPRENTICESHIP AT SIEMENS INDUSTRIAL POWER PLANTS                                            1989

 Field Mechanic and Electric-Electronics (state licensed electrician Germany)


  • Born and raised in Nuernberg, Germany; Speaks English and German
  • Passion for sailing crossed the Atlantic and power boating
  • Captain license 50 Ton since 1987
  • certified in welding aluminum and steel 
Antioch, CA,
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