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I am writing to apply for position of cabin stewardess/stateroom attendant/tailor on board cruise,ferry, Ro-ro ship, any ship type.

I have many years experience working on board cruise liners and passenger ships. I have worked alongside crews of all nationalities serving passengers from various countries.


Stewardess-Oceanwidecrew-14.04.12-present-passenger-SPL Princess Anastasia

Stewardess-BGI-Premuda-04.08.11-17.10.11-tanker-Four Smile

Stewardess-Premuda-BGI-10.04.11-02.07.11-tanker-Four Sky

Cabin stewardess-Interorient-19.08.10-20.10.10-passenger

Stewardess-Bibby Ship Management-04.07.09/16.10.09-10.12.08/25.04.09-gen.cargo Mahinabank, Gazellebank


Cabin stewardess-Louis-03.07.03-06.02.04-passenger-Thomson Spirit

Cabin stewardess-VSHIPS-21.03.95-26.11.95-passenger-Southern Cross

Cabin stewardess-BLASCO-10.10.86-10.01.95-passenger-Kazakhstan


Marine college 1984-1985

Vladivostok marine educational training centre 2009


Travel Passport 717936153

Seaman’s Book 0267169 07.02.2008 Moscow 07.02.2013

Seafarer’s Book Antigua and Barbuda 86285 11.11.2008 10.11.2013

Seaman’s record book Liberia 828058 15.04.2008 15.04.2013

Diploma –rank stewardess 15/09 13.05.2009 Vladivostok



Basic Safety Training (VI/1) 150602 29.09.2007 29.09.2012

Survival Craft (VI/2)

Advanced Fire Fighting (VI/3) 001436 02.10.2007 02.10.2012

Radar & ARPA

Tanker Familiarization (V/1) course paragraphs 2-7 082427 06.10.2007 06.10.2012

Carrying Dangerous and Hazardous Cargoes

Medical Care (VI/4) 150602 29.09.2007 29.09.2012

Yellow Fever Vaccination 16.06.2003 16.06.2013

US Visa 20112143360001 01.08.2013


I'm an extrovert, very sociable and friendly, thoughtful and responsible, energetic and enthusiastic. I like new ideas to create comfortable living conditions and good atmosphere for passengers and the crew making different designs of towel decorations like a flower, a swan and a rabbit to put on a bed.



I have the positive characteristics of the 2008-2010 .company ANDREW WEIR SHIPPING LIMITED. Address: Dexter house, 2 Royal Mint Court, London, EC3N 4XX, United Kingdom +44025756000

Referred: Chernova Svetlana crew manager Sevastopol

+380 692543402

Petr Suvorov -BGI-+78123468008 St-Petersburg

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