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Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew

Resume Capt. Don Middlebrooks 

Mailing Address: 5404 Flintwood CR. Pensacola, FL 32504 

Cell: 205-569-0063

USCG License #2728089 200/500ITC NC AB Unlimited

Issue Date 04-Jan 2017 Exp.04-Jan 2022 

11/3:11/4: 11/5:  v1/1: v1/2: v1/3: v1/4: v1/5: v1/6 


• AB Unlimited 
• SSO 
• PSC 
• STCW 95 Advanced Firefighting, AB, Advanced Bridge Resource Management Medical Care  Provider Advanced Lifeboat
• Proficiency in Survival Crafts
• Visual Lights (Flashing Lights)
• Radar Unlimited/ARPA 
• Radio License/GMDSS
• Steersman Helmsman upgrade
• Leadership Management
• First Aid CPR
• Celestial/Terrestrial Navigation

I am currently looking for full time employment I am available immediately and have all credentials necessary for employment as Master 2nd Captain Mate or AB for any schedule 7/14 14/14 28/14 28/28 45/21 90/45. For U.S employment I have international experience working delivery and abroad for platform support and ocean towing. 

I have worked as Master Mate Radio Officer DPO AB on vessels:

• 90 ft. tennis shoe tugs 
• 80-125 ft. ocean tugs 
• 165 OSV's to 260 OSV's 
• DP 2 vessels Kongsberg Marine 
• 260-305 ft. Support/research/seismic vessels. 
• Delivery of vessels 


High school: Pensacola Private School Of Liberal Arts

Graduated 1978 

HS Diploma

College: University of West Florida

Graduated 1991 

BS Political Science/International Affairs


Current: Admin/ Instructor Pensacola Maritime SchoolPart time as needed

Pensacola Florida



Cape Coastal Marine 

140 W 34th St. Larose LA 80373 

Office phone 985-693-7040 (508-922-0528): 


GOM 2nd Captain 165 OSV/2nd Captain 165 DSV (4point anchor)

Contact Jim Spault 508-922-0528

Reason for leaving: no work 

Harvey Gulf International Marine/ Abdon Calais Offshore 

701 Poydras St STE 3700 NO LA 70139 



GOM Captain/Mate DPO OSV AB LNG Construction Vessel OSV

Contact Caleb Dufrene 504-220-2111

Reason for leaving: Laid off

Tidewater Marine Tidewater 

200 Ford Industrial Rd Amelia LA 70340 

985-631-5820: 2009-2012 

Angola, Namibia Lead Captain

Contact Jimmy Deville 985-631-5820

Reason for leaving: Vessel Reflagged

Edison Chouest Offshore

16201 E. Main St. Cutoff, LA. 70345



Captain/2nd Captain/Mate Tennis Shoe Tugs/Ocean Tug/Fast Supply Vessel/ Tractor Tug (Voith Drive)

Brian Gisclair Coordinator

Reason for leaving: upgrade in License No availability in company 

McCully Marine 

2309 Riverside Road Ft. Pierce Florida 34946



Mate Navigational Watch Oceans towing

Boo McCully Supervisor

Trip Captain

Note: I am currently in process in upgrading to 500/3000ITC Oceans with Master of Towing

have necessary sea-time and credentials for Mate of Towing Oceans

Duties: Master/2nd Captain/Mate/SSO/Medical Officer/Radio Officer/AB

* Stand Navigation Watch

Responsible for supervision of crew and enforcement of all company policies Safety HSE

* Monitor Radio/Radar/GPS/SSB Radio/Chart Plot/Electronic Charts/Charts/Deptsounder etc.

Voyage Planning for all voyages sets course and speed of vessel and determines position of vessel using navigational aids; Steers vessel to various docks and offshore facilities where for loading or unloaded; avoiding reefs, outlying shoals, platforms, wellheads, other vessels and other hazards to shipping; Utilizes navigation devices, such as radar, GPS, sonic depth finder, compass and sextant and aids to navigation, such as charts publications, channel markers and buoys; Maintains constant communication with vessel/platforms in the area for safe passage. Monitors 16/13 and any other relevant channel at all times; Monitors weather reports and radio for possible dredging diving or any other operations in area; reroute or postpone voyage if neccesary

* Insure all Equipment publications up to date on vessel electronic logs company reports Information to asset 

Responsible for maintaining sufficient parts/tools/manifests/publications/provisions/First Aid supplies etc.


Directs and assists Cargo Operations on Bridge and on deck in loading and unloading of vessel to maintain stability and safe handling of cargo to maintain efficiency and maximize deck usage while loading/unloading cargo safely and without incident utilizing any equipment (Crane, Forklift etc) necessary

* Monitor and supervise Personnel transfers

* Direct Communications with asset to insure safety procedures and Support instructions

Liaison between company and asset

* Maintain moral of crew and assisting leading crew in projects encouraging/maximizing safety/efficiency through JSA toolbox and pre job meetings on daily basis.

* Working directly with Safety Department to maximize safety and company policies

* Insure vessel compliance with USCG/Company/Asset rules and regulations

* Encourages, utilizes and assures Stop Work Authority for every person on board

• Proficient in:
• Computer skills
• Various computer programs
• Electronic charting
• Radio
• Crane operations
• Forklift
• Benefits
• Continuing education

  • Navigation 21 years by 2017
  • Voyage Planning 21 years by 2017
  • Captain at Cape Coastal
    2015 November - Nov 2016
    Cape Coastal Marine
    140 W 34th St. Larose LA 80373
    Office phone 985-693-7040 (508-922-0528):
    GOM 2nd Captain 165 OSV/2nd Captain 165 DSV (4point anchor)
    Contact Jim Spault 508-922-0528
    Reason for leaving: no work
  • Captain at Harvey Gulf international
    2012 September - Oct 2015
    Harvey Gulf International Marine/ Abdon Calais Offshore
    701 Poydras St STE 3700 NO LA 70139
    GOM Captain/Mate DPO OSV AB LNG Construction Vessel OSV
    Contact Caleb Dufrene 504-220-2111
    Reason for leaving: Laid off
  • instructor at Pensacola Maratime School
    Mar 2017
    Instructor maratime
  • BS
    Political Science International Affairs at University West Florida
    May 1999
  • 200/500 ITC Master Jan 2017
Pensacola, FL,
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