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Camp Compliance Manager

Corporate / Senior Management
Camp   Compliance Manager for a mixture of pioneer and temporary camps, (14 in   total)the occupancy of these camps ranges from 300 to 14,700 pax, RAPID   Temporary camp village will house a 65,000 strong multi-cultural workforce   from across the globe, my team also controls and monitors contractor camps   OSBL 39 camps in total, expected project workforce is to exceed 80,000
  • Review   & approve all Camp Management Plans, food delivery plans, food and water   safety management plans
  • Provide   monitoring and assurance that all Contractors operate in accordance with   Management Plans.
  • Design   and Implement a strict regime of camp IFC PS2 labor and working conditions   compliance inspections and audits
  • Liaise   with all Contractor Service Providers on camp related issues including worker   grievances, welfare issues etc.
  • Manage   worker grievance registers and close out actions
  • Play   an active part in the Implementation of worker welfare initiatives
  • Assist   EPCC on the implementation of incentive schemes for workers to promote social   cohesion and assist with camp housekeeping standards
  • Collate   and disseminate all information relating to camp operations to senior   management highlighting serious concerns and implementing corrective action   plans
  • Monitor   contractor’s compliance to Owner PTS and project documented standards.
  • Compile/Design   the templates for camp hygiene and kitchen hygiene inspections for both   Pioneer camps and Temporary camps
  • Ensure   all EPCC have the required local authority permits and licenses for camp   occupation and catering facilities
  • Ensure   all catering staff for each EPCC have the required training certifications,   medicals and vaccinations
  • Collect   and compile all off site camp locations for power point presentations/monthly   reporting
  • Collaborate  with sub-contractors and PMC Site   supervisors on design and requirements of pioneer camps within the RAPID   Temporary camp area
  • Design   and implement  camp Pre occupation   inspections to assess suitability of occupation, make recommendations to   fulfill IFC and HSE requirements
  • Manage   the start up of individual EPCC camps
  • Ensure   each EPCC has provided required documentation for the safe operation of camps   i.e Emergency response plans, camp management plans, security, catering/food   safety, pest control, first aid training, fire warden training etc.
  • Ensure   each EPCC camp has sufficient staffing levels to fulfil contract requirements   and provide adequate welfare provisions in camp and at the construction area
  • Monitor  individual EPCC and O&M service   providers against contract requirements
  • Manage   OWNER appointed Audit and inspection team
  • Oversee   OWNER appointed Recreation and welfare team
  • Liaise   with EPCC on construction site welfare provisions, report on non-conformance   and issue corrective actions
  • Ensure   each EPCC has contingency plans pertaining to power outages, water   restrictions and food supply
  • Enforce   compliance with PPM and stocks of critical spares
  • Compile   reports on camp design deviations from contract to project contract   manager  for cost recovery
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