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Camp Boss/Chief Cook

Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew

I have more than
10years of experience in offshore fleet as Catering Officer with international
crew and 25 years in Catering service I have a good performance from previous

Plan and prepare hygienic meals of food standard and within approved cost. Respect and follow relevant part in the Maritime Quality Safety Management System. Plan cleaning routines of all accommodation spaces, galley, cold room s &pantries and ensure these are executed to achieve a high of hygiene and cleanliness. Responsible for good house keeping. Administrate the catering staff. Give clear instruction to all catering personnel,  ensuring that all catering personnel follow Company's and International and guidelines.

  • Organization&management of production in the food enterprises (in the restaurants)knowledge of different cuisines of the world 15 years by 2015
  • Camp Boss/Chief Cook at Western Geco
  • Management of Food Enterprises
    Catering cervice at Odessa State Academy of Food Technology
    1994 - 2000
  • Cook
    Catering cervice at Cook's School
    Sep 1988 - May 1989
  • Medical Care on Board Ship Dec 2015
  • Proficiency in fast rescue boats Nov 2015
  • HUET with EBS Nov 2013
  • Security Awareness Jun 2013
  • Endorsement Apr 2013
  • Basic Safety May 2012
  • Certificate of Copetence Jan 2004
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