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Boatswain Mate


*Toolbox meeting before starting to work. Maintained the cleanliness of surroundings of ships,maintenance of decks and all vicinities,Act as the second hand of Chief Officer to follow orders and relay to my subordinates what jobs will be done.Always remind the safety proceedures when working especially in high places..Act as boss on deck and work together with them.Do especial jobs when necessary in case of emergency situation.


Scanmar Maritime/10 Oct.2010 to 07 jul 2011/Bosun/Finished contract

Scanmar Maritime/03 Jun 2009 to 29 apr 2010/Bosun/Finished contract

Scanmar Maritime/03 Feb 2008 to 15 Oct 2008/Bosun/Finished contract

Scanmar Maritime/29 Dec 2006 to 16 Oct 2007/Bosun/Finished contract

Scanmar Maritime/19 Dec 2005 to 06 Sep 2006/Bosun/Finished contract

Scanmar Maritime/19 Dec 2005 to 06 Sep 2005/GPBosun/Finished contract

Astra Maritime/06 Aug 2002 to 26 Sep 2003/Bosun/Finished contract

Alpha/11 Mar 2001 to 01 Mar 2002/Bosun/Finished contract

Ventis Maritime/24 Nov 1998 to 10 Aug 1999/Bosun/finished contract

Anscor Swire/18 Mar 1997 to 18 Jan 1997/Bosun/finished contract

Anscor Swire/14 May 1996 to 18 Jan 1997/ Bosun/ Finished contract

Anscor Swire/19 Mar 1995 to 25 Oct 1995/ Bosun/Finished contract


Secondary level Graduate.


Phil Seaman Bk no.B0630001/issue:22 Oct 2008 exp: 21 Oct 2013

Passport no.EB0474338/issue:26 Jun 2010 Exp: 25 Jun 2015

COC no.1013160015009/issue: 21 May 2010 Exp: 21 May 2015

Liberian Seamans Bk no.887424/issue:10 jun 2009 Exp:10jun2014

Panama no.CT963560/issue:28 Jan 2008 Exp:27 Jan 2013

Basic Safety Course BST-AM/359/02-05

BSC NAC 14-113384/SN 066009

Cert of Prof in Survival Craft 15-65000/SN066009

Deck watchkeeping course DW/AM/097/02-02

Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue PSC-00-120245

Ship Security Awareness BSAC/0906-086


All Around Skills on deck including Carpentry.


Former Military man (Philippine Navy Rank Third Class Petty Officer Quartermaster,Signalman,Flagbender)Served 8 years and resigned upon expiration term of enlistment (ETE) and joint in Merchant Marine in 1983.

Cavite, Philippines,
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