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Assistant Vice President


Over 15 years of experience in corporate operations, security and law enforcement activities specializing in anti-terrorism, transportation security and critical infrastructure protection. Professional experience has included executive management positions with two Fortune 500 companies. Have worked with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in civil and criminal investigations. Have been an advisor and subject matter expert to several agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security. Worked with several private and public sector companies and international governments in anti-terrorism efforts. Have been frequently called upon to give presentations and provide security training to foreign and domestic companies and law enforcement agencies.


Held Positions as; Deputy Team Leader of Audits & Training, Assistant Vice President of Training & Education, Director of Assessments and Project Manager, Security Consultant Director, Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Corporate Investigator and Financial Fraud Auditor

•Directly responsible for the completion of security audits and assessments and training programs.

•Conduct physical, personnel and information security audits and assessments to assess credible internal and external threats, possible risks, existing vulnerabilities and recommending mitigation strategies as required.

•Create MTSA/ISPS Code Vessel and Facility Security Assessment Reports, Security Plans and Emergency Response Plans and other related security and safety policies & procedures.

•Develop, conduct, facilitate and evaluate ODP/HSEEP compliant discussion and operations based drills and exercises using NIMS and ICS protocols.

•Coordinate with relevant government agencies to obtain rulings, statistical data, threat analyses, regulatory interpretations and acceptable compliance measures.

•Develop and present security related training curriculum to executive management, staff, security and law enforcement personnel.

•Develop SOP’s outlining regulations and corporate security policies (i.e., handling, storing, disseminating and destroying of SSI).

•Provide strategic, expert advice and consultation on the design and implementation of effective administrative and business processes, to include process analysis, redesign, reengineering, and organizational effectiveness.

•Perform preliminary surveys and recommend necessary strategies.

•Review pertinent corporate data regarding accountability in finance, marketing, operations and administration.

•Conduct physical security assessments of commercial and industrial businesses.

•Examine and evaluate existing physical, personnel and information security.

•Present and oversee security training workshops to management and staff.

•Assess internal and external security and safety risk factors.

•Develop budget, both expense and capital, maintain budget and provide monthly reporting of actual vs. budget.

•Regional oversight and implementation of corporate loss prevention and auditing procedures in multiple branch offices.

•Managed asset protection of approximately $100M in inventory and equivalent infrastructure investment-vehicles, buildings, office equipment, etc.

•Planned & implemented reviews of branch operations to assess level of asset security and risk.

•Reported directly to the Chief Financial Officer on all aspects of security, occupational safety, intelligence concerns, and auditing procedures.

•Conduct surveillance and investigations pertaining to any issues involving protection of corporate assets.

•Conduct company wide meetings and training to insure implementation of corporate policies and procedures.


01/02 to12/02 Florida International University: Miami, FL.

M.S. – Criminal Justice

9/98 to 12/01 Florida International University: Miami, FL.

B.S. – Criminal Justice

B.S. – Public Administration (Minor)

•Graduated Magna Cum Laude


•Certified in Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates Interview and Interrogation Techniques

•Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Seaport Security Antiterrorism Training Program (SSATP)

•DHS WMD Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings (IRTB)

•University of Kentucky Agroterrorism Awareness Training Course

•Rutgers University National Transit Institute (NTI) certified Instructor in System Security Awareness

•Train-the-trainer security programs in: Terrorism Awareness, Security Analysis of Trends and Patterns, Recognition and Detection of Weapons, Dangerous Substances and Devices, Threat Recognition and Behavioral Analysis, Circumvention of Security Measures, Improvised Explosives Devices (IED), Facility Security, Terminal and Inter-modal Operational Logistics, Contingency Planning and Emergency Response, Physical and Personnel Security, Surveillance and Communications Equipment, Security Engineering


•Alternate Representative to District 7 Area Maritime Security Committee (AMSC) 2006

•Regulatory Compliance Advisor to the Maritime Security Council (MSC) 2002-2007

•Guest speaker at the National Cargo Security Council (NCSC) 2003

•Guest speaker at MarineLog Ferries 2006

•Senior Instructor to the Maritime Security Institute (MSI) 2004-2007

•Senior Instructor to the RailSecure 2004-2007

•Senior Instructor to the SeaSecure 2003-2007

•Adjunct Instructor to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) 2004 Proctor Seaport Security and Antiterrorism course

•Participate in the curriculum development for the State of Florida Seaport Security Officer certification program

•Skilled in SVA-Pro 7, HLS-CAM, RAM-CAP, VSAT, CSAT and other security vulnerability assessment methodologies

•Bilingual. Proficient in oral (spoken) and written Spanish


I am an International Security and Risk Management Executive, and highly regarded Instructor, with a fifteen-year career encompassing positions of increasing responsibility in challenging, fast-paced private and public sector corporate and security environments. I have acquired and demonstrated expertise in assessing internal/external threats and vulnerabilities, creating security plans and developing, conducting and evaluating training, drills and exercise programs in the Maritime, Energy and Railroad Industries.

Miami, FL,
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