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To obtain an Able Seaman position in a company with an apportunity for advancement where I can utilize my skills and abilities.



Refrigirator cargo ship “Red Ray” Seaman 1st rank 09.26.1979-04.05.198 193 days

Fishing-trawler “Kazantip” Seaman 1st rank 08.08.1982-02.15.1982 192 days

Fishing super-trawler “G. Chernyakhovskiy” Seaman 1st rank 05.02.1982-10.30.1982 181 days

Fishing super-trawler “G. Chernyakhovskiy” Seaman 1st rank 11.14.1982-07.27.1983 256 days

Fishing super-trawler “Mezosfera” Seaman 1st rank 10.10.1983-05.13.1984 217 days

Fishing super-trawler “Znamya Truda” Seaman 1st rank 10.01.1984-04.05.1985 187 days

Fishing super-trawler “G. Chernyakhovskiy” 4th mate 11.22.1985-06.07.1986 197 days

Fishing super-trawler “G. Chernyakhovskiy” 3rd mate 07.30.1986-02.19.1987 205 days

Fishing super-trawler “Mezosfera” 3rd mate 08.07.1987-03.04.1988 211 days

Fishing super-trawler “Mezosfera” 2nd mate 06.11.1989-12.06.1989 178 days

Fishing super-trawler “Mezosfera” 2nd mate 02.20.1990-09.01.1990 194 days


Fishing super-trawler “Mezosfera” 2nd mate 04.09.1991-11.19.1991 225 days

Fishing super-trawler “Mezosfera” Chief mate 06.18.1992-02.22.1993 250 days

Fishing super-trawler “Arabat” Chief mate 05.10.1993-04.23.1994 349 days


Super tanker “Hexogram” Cadet of mate 05.01.1996-09.11.1996 134 days


SUNY Maritime College at Fort Schuyler, USA

Enhanced Seaman Training Course—2009

Kerch Sea-Technological University, Ukraine Diploma: Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering—1985 to 1993

Herson Nautical College, Ukraine

Diploma: Associate Degree in Sea Navigation—1982 to 1985


September 2009 30-hour Proficiency Survival Craft

October 2009 40-hour Able Seaman

STCW Basic Safety Training: Personal Safety & Social

Responsibility, Personal Survival Techniques, Basic Firefighting, Basic First Aid & CPR


Ability to work through any marine situation. Fluent in English, Russian, and Hebrew. Excellent computer skills. Ability to work under pressure. Effectively working in team and independently


Merchant Mariner Credential ABLE SEAMAN UNLIMITED and Lifeboatman.

Brooklyn, NY,
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