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AB (unlimited)


Looking to get out of the oilfield and go deep sea or jones act ships. Looking for a company that encourages moving up because I want to go for my Mates. Would like to be at a company I can stay with for a long time and make a career with.


Ranger Offshore start date October 23, 2005 end date june 01, 2013. Started of as on OS and worked up to my AB.Worked mainly in the Gulf of Mexico but worked out of of Trinidad, Bay of Campeche.

Seacor Marine start June 14th currently employed by them. Held AB(special) just upgraded to AB unlimited. Working on a AHTS class vessel.



Lifeboatman, rigger training,hydraulic offshore crane,Huet, Stcw 95, rfnw, twic card, passport, getting ready to go school to obtain my tankerman pic ship certificate.


Sanitary, chip and paint, hold a bridge watch.


Looking to move up and be able to stay and make a a career with one company. Have passport will travel no problem.

Houston, TX,
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