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(Unlimited)Master Mariner / Captain

Santa Clara, CA, USA

I am interested in shore base maritime job for a Master Mariner (Unlimited)i.e. Marine dry cargo surveyor/marine cargo loss adjuster/on-Hire off-Hire survey/ draft survey Hull/cargo damage surveys etc in very professional manner. Sail as Master/Captain on Ocean Going ship.

master mariner

Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt

master mariner master mariner on board different types of merchant shipsI have previous experience as a master mariner ( Captain ) on board Bulk carriers , Ro-Ro , and Container ships .

Master Mariner

Kalyani, West Bengal, India

1.Sailed as Master on container vessel and have experience of 16 yrs on Bulk Carriers. - All the logistics related matter. - Handling project cargo vessels including discharging and involved in shipment of the project cargo to the site. - Involved in handling and exporting of Iron ore fines.

Captain / Cargo superintendent / Supercargo

Rumia, Pomorskie, Poland

Preparing plans of cargo loading and unloading (general cargo, containers, trucks, bulk cargo, IMCO cargo), supervising works on ships (such as cargo hold painting, cleaning and safety works), taking charge of cargo lashing and lashing equipment, cooperating with port authorities, agents, foreman.

master mariner (ship captain)

Tehran, Iran

working onboard or shore office, any job related to the a/m job title. 16 years working on shipping filled. 8 years experinance working as master on container, bulk and general cargo ships in a very big shipping company in middle east in iran called I.R.I.S.L. i have educated in marine eneg.

Operations Manager, Line manager, Port Captain, Cargo superitendent, Shipping line representative,


To work as Operations Manager or Lines Manager for any Shipping Line or to work as the Company's representative based in India or anywhereelse to look after the company's complete Shipping business in the region. Sailed on Cargo Ships, Bulk Carriers…

Master Mariner

Odessa region, Ukraine

Now I am considering a career switch and looking for better prospects by changing job or company. I am hunting for Captain’s position and prefer of long duration contract. Also I can pretend to occupy shore based post when applicant should have good Master Mariner experience.

Captain(Master Mariner) Class 1

Kalutara, Western, Sri Lanka

To sail as a Master on board Container ship. a) Sea service - 55 months(since 2002) as a Master. b) Past Employers - Bernhard Schulte, Maersk, Evergreen/Greenlanka, Navalmar, Mercantile Marine Management. c) Shipping Trainee - Naval & Maritime Academy - SLN, Trincomalee.

Master Mariner Captain Master Mariner Captain Master Mariner Captain

Acushnet, MA, USA

Looking for Perm. Looking for Perm. Well knowledgeable of SSM, SMS, ISM, ISO Procedures, HSE Procedures, Shipyard, Dry Dock, Internal External Audits, ABS, BV, USCG, DNV. RRF / MARAD / MSC / MPS - Courses Fulfilled for Master Position per Regulations.

Sailing as Master (Captain) since January 1981 till todate, last ship M.V.Alam Pesona 87052 mt DWT

Chino, USA

I would like to serve as Master (Captain) on dry cargo vessel or Bulk Carrier or Container vessels of unlimited size, keeping the safety of officers, crew and safety of ship all the time and to comply with the instructions of Owners in most efficient way.

Master Mariner II/2 STCW unlimited tonnage

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

I am looking for a position as a Master on container ship/Ro Ro ship. Master on Container Ship, with Marlow Navigation. Master on Ro Ro ships with Seaboard Marine U.S . Master Mariner on Ro Ro and Container ship . I have been working as a Marine Surveyor on part time basis.

Shipping business manager, master mariner, supercargo, deck surveyor, port captain, owner's represen

Marina di Carrara, Italy, Italy

Presently running own yacht charter and travel agency in Croatia.The period between 1973 and 1996 being employed with Mediterranean Shipping Company-Geneva(MSC)covering Chief mate, Captain,Cargo superintendent,Port captain,Ship owner agent,chartering& line manger…

Master Mariner (Captain Unlimited), Cruise Ships or Oil / Gas Tankers

Mumbai, MH, India

I have been a Master since 2001 and have been in the merchant navy for the past 16 years and during that time had the amazing opportunity of sailing on diverse types of vessels namely; Bulk Carriers, General Cargo Vessels, Containers, Gas Tankers…

Port captain/Ship captain or director shipping

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Seeking a job relavent to my experience. 15 years captain experience on all tonnage and class of vessel.Bulk carrier/ General Cargo, Container, Landing Craft, O.B.O. And on Tanker for Demo. voyages. Director shipping for + 10 years in MSZ shipping…

master mariner

hihis is captain with more than 30 years experience at sea which more than 20 years sailing as master mariner on general cargo, container, tanker, passenger shipsand then managing tankers and running tanker company for last few years also i…

Master Marine for vessels of more that 3000 tons of DW

Delray beach, FL, USA

Operations Management position or Sea Master at sea. August – Today working as a captain in container vessels from Miami to the Caribbean. 2007-2009 working as Marine surveyors in part time position performing condition surveys in vessels…

Marine Coordinator, Master Mariner

Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia

Master Mariner - merchant fleer, Marine Coordinator - offshore fleet, interested in shore-based marine related positions and offshore assignements. - ERT Vessel coordination: during Emergency situation, Typhoon, etc. RAH Management BV, P.O.



Estonian Captain- Master Mariner/Marine Manager with great seagoing and shore based office experience is looking for attractive job offers.Hold Captain’s Certificate already more than 24 years and had 19 years acting Master’s practice for different kind of ships: general cargo…

Master Mariner / HSE Quality Manager

Bangalore, India

I have 18 years experience at sea and one year onshore. I would like to use my experience to perform jobs onshore. I would like to be involved in Vessel Operations, Safety, Quality, Security. In addition I can perform the role as a Quality manager, CSO, DPA and auditor.

Master Mariner Unlimited

Surrey, Canada

1) Sailing on foreign going ships of Unlimited size upto the Rank of Captain. 7) Teaching Maritime law and marine chart work to candidates appearing for Certificate of Competency as Master/officer on merchant ships. Master (Foreign Going) Sept.1984 issued by Govt of India, revalidated every 5years.