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deckhand,tankerman,inland mate

West Monroe, LA, USA

I would like to be back at work in the maritime field, in any capacity. SeaRiver Maritime,1989-1999. Iworked as a deckhand,tankerman,Sr.tankerman and inland mate. My expierence is mostly in chemical tows on the Mississippi River and Intercoastal canal.

Deckhand/ tankerman trainee

Aransas Pass, TX, USA

I would like to complete my tankerman's ticket. Cenac Towing Company, Houma, LA. from 5/2007 to 6/2008. Building tow, asist tankerman, mainly on lower Mississippi River, docking, loading/discharging diesel fuels, gasoline, asphalt. Finished tankerman school with Cenac Towing Co.

Experienced deckhand,tankerman,rigger with certifications

Chase, LA, USA

seeking employment as deckhand,tankerman, rigger offshore or inland. Bluegrass Marine= June 2007- Mar. 2008 Deckhand build and break tow on Mississippi River. High School diploma from Haleyville High School in Haleyville, Alabama 1994-1997.



Flordia Marine Trsp.

1st mate inland

Columbia, LA, USA

Objective deck hand and work my way up. Experience 10 years with SeaRiver Maritime (formerly Exxon Shipping)working on towboats on the Mississippi River. Education High School Grad. 1 year of college Certification Tankerman (expired) Skils Deckhand,tankerman.


New Orleans, LA, USA

Ive worked as a deckhand/tankerman for 9 years now.More deckhand work than tankerman.Ive worked for American Commercial Lines for that 9 years but Im no longer there.Im familiar with Detroit Diesel,Cummins,and John Deere engines and generators.Was responsible for assigning duties to the deck crew.

Deckhand tankerman

Staten Island, NY, USA

Mmd stcw ordinary seaman tanker endorsement dl/ pic. Need a job try me out you can't loose.

deckhand/tankerman trainee

Aransas Pass, TX, USA

acquire my tankermans endorsement. PLUS, work for a reliable company. I have been working on boats for the past 30+ years. i have held a 100 ton Masters license. I have experience with black oil barges and loading & discharing. I am very reliable…

Ordinary Seaman

Madison, MS, USA

Linehandling, sweeping, mopping, cleaning windows, polishing wood and brass, washing dishes, receiving stores, securing tow, painting, sanding, grinding, discharging barges, loading barges, filing, formatting correspondences; awards and directives, making travel arrangements.

Deckhand/Tankerman in training

Amelia, LA, USA

To obtain career with an established company.

Deckhand, Tankerman PIC DL

Brandon, FL, USA

To obtain a tankerman position with a growing company, enabling me to excel and further my career. I want to enhance my seaman skills and contribute to a team based organization. Obtaining my Tankerman PIC in Dangerous Liquids. ? Worked lines…

Tankerman PIC-DL

Houston, TX, USA

Make a career in the maritime industry.Advance my knowledge and my qualifications with a good company.Provide a future for myself and my family. Vessel Tankerman load and unload product at multiple refineries in the soutern gulf regions. refineries.



Looking to improve and expand my knowledge and skills and to establish employment in an environment that will ensure continuous growth and that will enhance my ability to make productive contributions to  the company. Operation Monitoring Watching gauges…

A/B Tankerman PIC

Everett, WA, USA

training-transfer,disposal,store hazadous waste cargo. fast rescue boat oper. engineer-pump room operations/maint. oper. knowledge of seagoing vessels operations. vessel fuel operations etc.

Tankerman / PIC / Rig Clerk

Gulfport, MS, USA

My first goal is always safety. Secondly, i'm always trying to do the best job for my employer. Thirdly, my ultimate goal is to make a life long career in the maritime/oil field industry. I have worked for 2-1/2 years as a deckhand/ tankerman for L&L Oil Company.

AB, Tankerman

Miami, FL, USA

Safe, AB/Tankerman seeking vessel position. Experience indicating increasing responsibilities, dependability, effective communications, team performance, and leadership. Single, with ability to relocate. Performed barge loading, discharging…

Senior lead tankerman

Columbus, MS, USA

I would like to find a job with better opportunities to advance. I am a hard dedicated worker. My goal on the job is to be better then the ones before me. I have 7 yrs experience on the river with 3of the yrs as a tankerman. I also have been the boat safety rep for 4yrs.


Galveston, TX, USA

I am working on obtaining my unlimited 3rd Mate's License and want to gain some experience in the industry by working as a deckhand during the summer of 2008. I have worked for Kirby Inland Marine as a deckhand/Tankerman Trainee and attended their Basic Deckhand Class and passed with top honors.

Marine Dispatcher

Miami, FL, USA

Career-oriented, motivated, responsible, dependable, seeking Marine Dispatcher position. Experience indicating increasing responsibilities, dependability, effective communications, team performance, and leadership. Single, with ability to relocate.


San Francisco, CA, USA

Would like too work oversea's on large ships, as an Deckhand/tankerman. Currently employer's Trientseafoods corp. 5303 shilshole Avenue NW/Seattle Washington 98107-4000. Started 12/97-09/06 jobs tittle held processors, Hose-tender, crane operator on barge…