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Yacht Cabinetry Builder

hourly position $22+
Employment type
Full Time
Mid Career

Basic Qualifications:

  • Candidate must have 3 years direct applicable experience in building and completing the fabrication and installation of wood and other fine furnishings in yacht interiors.
  • Must be able to verify dimensions, produce and/or assemble components such as cabinets, or high-grade furniture in order to check the quality or fit of pieces to ensure adherence to specifications.
  • Measure and mark dimensions of parts on paper or lumber stock prior to cutting, following blueprints, to ensure a tight fit and quality product.
  • Set up or operate machines, including power saws, jointers, molders, or shapers, to cut, mold, or shape woodstock or wood substitutes.
  • Establish the specifications of articles to be constructed or repaired or plan the methods or operations for shaping or assembling parts, based on blueprints, drawings, diagrams, or oral or written instructions.



  • Interpret and understand drawings and blueprints for joinery fabrication.
  • Setup, safely operate and maintain woodworker hand and power tools
  • Lay out, cut, shape, mold and assemble components using wood, wood substitutes and other materials
  • Finish sand and apply veneer, stain, polish or laminates to surfaces
  • Fit and install components in coordination with other trades.
  • Program and Operate CNC Machine

Apply Instructions
 Please send resume to or download job application at 

Thunderbolt Marine, Inc

Thunderbolt Marine, Inc
Thunderbolt Marine Inc. is a full service refit and repair facility dedicated to delivering the highest standards and exceeding the expectations of clientele with vessels of all sizes. Conveniently located on the Wilmington River in Thunderbolt, Georgia. 

Founded in 1969


3124 River Drive
Thunderbolt, GEORGIA, 31324 United States