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Senior Ferry Crew Member

Vessel Operations
$15.60 - $22.05
Employment type
Full Time
Consultant / Freelance
What You Bring
  • Basic knowledge of “navigational rules of the road” including navigation lights and signals.
  • Skills directing emergency response teams and mustering passengers and safely disembarking them to rescue craft.
  • Skills to load and unload a ferry vessel with regard to the vessel's stability.
  • Experience launching and recovering a rescue boat.
  • Demonstrated ability without assistance to pull an uncharged 1.5 inch diameter 50' fire hose to full extension and to lift a charged 1.5 inch diameter fire hose to firefighting position.
Education & Experience
  • Able Seaman Certificate (MMC) issued by the US Coast Guard.
  • Transportation Worker Identification Credential Card (TWIC) issued by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).
To learn more and get your Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card go to:
To learn more and get your Merchant Mariners Certificate (MMC) go to:
A copy of valid MMC and TWIC card must be presented at your interview.
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The Challenge
NCDOT Ferry is now hiring Senior Ferry Crew Members for our summer season in our Hatteras Ferry operations.
As a senior crew member you will
  • Direct vehicle parking of trucks, automobiles, and trailers on the ferry deck to ensure proper weight distribution on the vessel
  • Chock wheels to prevent vehicle movement while underway.
  • Patrol the deck area while underway to maintain discipline and order and prevent passengers from entering unauthorized areas, sitting on side rails, or standing in dangerous areas.
  • Investigate accidents that occur while loading and unloading and assists the ferry captain in preparing detailed reports of accidents, incidents, and activities for the ferry operations manager.
  • Observe passengers for suspicious actions and behavior and reports any activities to the ferry captain in accordance with Homeland Security guidelines.
  • Manage rescue boat activities including supervising a deckhand.
  • Inspect all deck machinery and fixtures to ensure proper operating conditions.
  • Assist the engineer performing routine maintenance repair work, if needed.
  • Steer the ferry under the supervision of the ferry captain.
  • Assist the crew in securing the vessel in case of fire, breakdowns or inclement weather
  • Assist maintenance crews with vessel repairs when in dry dock.
  • Work a 7 days on - 7 days off schedule.
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