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MIMIP Project Manager

Project Engineering / Project Management
Employment type
Full Time
Project Manager

The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:

• 10 years’ experience, 5 of which as a Project Manager/Team Lead in similar assignments;

• Appropriate involvement and/or experience in developing countries, preferably in the maritime sector;

• Experience managing donor-funded projects and working with development partners, such as World Bank, Asian Development Bank, USAID;

• A university degree, diploma or evidence of some post-secondary study in business, engineering or other relevant fields, is required; and

• Strong report writing skills and excellent communication (verbal and written) skills.


The main objective of the Project Manager (PM) position is to manage and coordinate all preparatory activities associated with the PPA for MIMIP through Ministry of Finance (MoF).

The following activities will be carried out on a full-time basis:

• Provide advice to GoRMI and project stakeholders on World Bank procedures and requirements;

• Provide advice to GoRMI, where required, on compliance with domestic procedures and requirements; • Assist MoTC/RMIPA with the preparation of terms of reference for PPA studies and activities;

• Support and advise GoRMI on all phases of the procurement of consultant services in accordance with World Bank procurement policies and procedures, in consultation with staff at DIDA’s centralized unit.

• Oversee project contracts;

• Support the organization of reviews of Consultant outputs and deliverables for projectrelated activities;

• Arrange the quarterly review and annual audit of project accounts;

• Facilitate and assist, as needed, with public consultations and the preparation of safeguards documents;

• Facilitate the preparation and public release of project information;

• Maintain official records of the Project and prepare project progress reports for review by MoTC/RMIPA and for submission to World Bank, as required, under the legal agreement;

• Ensure implementation compliance with the provisions of legal agreement;

• Liaison with government agencies, World Bank officials, and others on project-related matters; and

• Carry out other reasonable duties, as necessary.

For detailed information, please find the recruitment announcement and Terms of Reference at

Apply Instructions

Applications should include the following documents and be submitted before 5:00 pm Majuro Time, March 06, 2018. The email subject line should state: “MIMIP Project Manager Positionfull name of the candidate.” • Cover Letter • CV

The submission must be addressed to: Jennifer Tseng Director of DIDA And cc the following: Joe Tiobech Director of Port Authority

Ministry of Finance

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Ministry of Finance (MOF) was established under the 11 MIRC Chapter 1 Financial Management Act.  The MOF serves to be a comprehensive system of public financial management for the RMI to administer all revenue and fiscal functions of the Government of RMI in the following areas:

  • revenue, tax and duty collection;
  • accounting, fund and treasury maintenance, security and accounting, disbursement, accounts receivable and expenditure accounting;
  • budget control; and
  • all data processing and other assets related to the foregoing.

The MOF consists of four (4) divisions and one (1) office. It includes 1) Division of Accounting and Administration, 2) Division of Budget, Procurement and Supply, 3) Division of Customs, Treasury, Revenue, and Taxation, 4) Division of International Development Assistance (DIDA), and the Ebeye Finance Office located in Ebeye, Kwajalein Atoll.


P.O. Box D
Majuro, MH, 96960 Marshall Islands