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Dock Master

Vessel Operations
Employment type
Full Time
Department / Regional Manager

Job Description

An Assistant Dock Master's key responsibilities are interfacing with clients, superintendents, class surveyors and owners agents as required for projects.

  • Ensure that updated docking plans are maintained for all vessels (electronic and hard copy) and all new enquiries are verified against this list / updated as appropriate. Obtain copies of docking plans for all new vessels if required.
  • Prepare blocks as per docking plans and ensure that vessel is in docking condition prior to docking and undocking and check tank contents – if not satisfied then direct the owners to place vessel in the correct condition.
  • Dock / undock the vessels carefully and correctly so that no damage is caused to vessels or to the docks either. Maintain control over the tugs when vessel entering or leaving dock.
  • Amend the blocks as and when required to complete the project with due regard to vessel stability.
  • Ensure all safety procedures are followed and work towards improvement of the safety culture.
  • Ensure vessel specs are complete including obtaining copies of all technical drawings required.
  • Schedule work scope for the yard upon arrival of the vessel and prepare all variation work orders for approval.
  • Project production planning / quality control & reports.
  • Analyze sub-contractors job quotations / quality and compliance with agreed contract.
  • Control all materials and consumables required, effective cost controls on the use of all manpower on the vessel and reduce additional costs / excessive overtime.
  • Bringing outstanding items / issues to Management notice in a timely manner.
  • Meet agreed annual objectives / targets & produce reports.
  • Ensuring any client concerns / complaints is brought to Management attention immediately.
  • To act on own initiative in order to improve the process or projects and inform Management of any suggestions for consideration.
  • Attend any safety meetings and ensure the workforce complies with any and all updates in the safety process.
  • Carry out Safety / Operational briefings regarding specific tasks which are to be undertaken on each project and ensure all personnel involved are also in attendance.
  • Complete various “Internal Projects” assigned to them in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Report unsafe acts / instances requiring discipline to Management without delay.
  • Understanding and following the agreed goals and annual targets for the position.
  • Railway experience a huge plus.

Key Reporting Requirements

  • Daily productivity report for client & management – as required
  • Daily costing report for client & management – as required
  • Daily QC report – as required
  • Weekly variation report – as required
  • Initial ongoing and final docking condition – as required
  • Final costing of docking – as required
  • Report any “incidents” associated with the vessel to the safety manager

Key Interfaces

Entire project personnel – for either the docking or the vessel repairs

Reports To

VP of Production and /or Production Manager


  • Minimum Qualification: experience with Naval Architecture
  • 10 years in Ship yard Industry


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