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Chief Officer

Chief Officer
English level: Upper Intermittent
Personal Behavior:    Punctual, Attentive and calm to the people
                                           Reliable and diligent for employment
                                          Quick learning skills
                                          Very meticulous to the job
                                           Flexible and hardworking person, honest.
                                           Leadership & authority
                                           Good management skills
                                           Good handling capabilities
                                           Commercial insight
                                           Human resource and motivation skills
Time in rank of Сhief Officer(Oil Tanker Fleet):4 contracts (_494_ days)
Experience (In Ch.Off. rank):
  1. Tank cleaning operations, preparation vessel for Dry Dock
  2. COW operations
  3. Good experience with vessel over 10 years old age
  4. Cargo Blending
  5. Cargo Calculation
  6. More than 50 cargo operations were performed
  7. Dry Dock – Junior I (Afromax) one month at Dubai
  8. Took over vessel Star Osprey (ex. British Osprey) from BP management to V.Ships
  9. Took over vessel Junior I (ex. Petrovsk) from SCF management to V.Ships
10)  Took over vessel Drenec (ex. Gener8Herra) from Wallem management to Euronav NV
11)  Multi-nationality crew
12)  Duties as Safety Officer, Security Officer, Environmental Officer were carried out
13)  Inspections – Australian (AMSA) PSC, USCG (Houston, St. Croix), SIRE (SHELL, BP, SHEVRON, PDVSA, IDEMITSU, LUKOIL , Flag (Liberian, Marshall Islands), Internal & External audits.
14)  Have strong educational background and relevant experience in current rank. I’m totally adopted to any environmental and culture.
15)  Performed Master’s duties
16)  Safety Officer – All Lifesaving Appliances & Fire Fighting measures, training of crew , drills, CBT training
17)  Security Officer -  all measures as per ISM / ISPS code
18)  Environmental Officer – control as measures as per MARPOL regulation & Company requirements
19)  Maintenance – Loose gear equipment, Lifting equipment on weather deck
20)  Tool box with crew, arrange of the work and good maintenance of equipment.
21)  Work & Rest hours organization
 8 Years by Junior Officer rank – All Evaluations High Effective (Master’s Evaluations)
 3 Years by Chief Officer ranks – All Evaluations High Effective (Master’s & Superintendent’s Evaluations)
 3 Scientific Articles were written


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