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Welding Inspector


I would like to take this opportunities to submit my application for the post of Welding Inspector with your company.

I have many years of experience in Oil & Gas and Petrochemical plants, Refineries, Offshore construction projects doing supervision, inspection and quality assurance. I am seeking a job that can explore my capability on this area.

Attached herewith a copy of my resume for your review. Should my qualification meet your requirements, I would appreciate receiving reply from you thru my e-mail address.

Thank you very much for your time and thoughtful consideration of my experiences and qualifications. I would be glad to hear from you soon.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Offshore Pipeline Experience

Monitoring, pre-heat, fit-up, welding parameters, cleaning and bevel configuration and welding visual inspection. Record the

repair parameter to ensure that it is carried out in accordance with the approved procedure and performed by qualified welders.

Conduct WQT, carried out QA/QC documentation, welding consumable inspection.

23.09.2009 – 26.12.2010

Company Caldive (Barge- Sea Horizon)

Project WeiZhou (China)


Designation QA/QC Welding Inspector

23.05.2009 – 09.07.2009

Company Saipem (Barge- Semec1)

Project Hui Zhou HZ25-3/1 Oil Development Project (China)

Client CNOOC

Designation QA/QC Welding Inspector

13.12.2008 – 02.02.2009

Company Allseas (Barge- Solitaire)

Project South Pars (Iran)

Client Shell Iran

Designation QA/QC Welding Inspector

25.08.2008 – 03.12.2008

Company Allseas (Barge- Solitaire)

Project Rehap Phase 1a Project (Egypt)

Client Gupco

Designation QA/QC Welding Inspector

01.02.2008 – 10.05.2008

Company Allseas (Barge- Solitaire)

Project Shenzi Gas & Oil (Gulf of Mexico)

Client BHP Billiton Petroleum

Designation QA/QC Welding Inspector

15.04.2007 – 31.09.2007

Company Allseas (Barge- Solitaire)

Project Blind Faith (Gulf of Mexico)

Client William

Designation QA/QC Welding Inspector

05.10.2006 – 15.01.2007

Company Allseas (Barge- Lorelay)

Project Perseus Over Goodwyn Project (Karratha. Australia)

Client Woodside Energy Australia Ltd

Designation QA/QC Welding Inspector

05.04.2006 – 25.07.2006

Company Allseas (Barge- Lorelay)

Project MC920 –Independence Subsea Project (Gulf of Mexico)

Client Anadarko Petroleum Company & Kerr McGee Oil & Gas Corporation

Designation QA/QC Welding Inspector

20.10.2005 – 25.01.2006

Company Allseas (Barge- Lorelay)

Project Otway Gas Project (Otway. Australia)

Client Woodside Energy Australia Ltd

Designation QA/QC Welding Inspector

01.07.2005 - 05.09.2005

Company Allseas (Barge- Lorelay)

Project G17/G16/G14/K2 Pipeline Cluster Pipeline Project (North Sea, Dutch Sector)

Client Gaz De France

Designation QA/QC Welding Inspector

01.02. 2005 - 31.05.2005

Company Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd (Barge -HD60)

Project Mumbai Uran Trunk –MUT Pipeline Project (India)

Client ONGC (India)

Designation QA/QC Welding Inspector

06.09. 2004 - 11.01.2005

Company Bureau Veritas (M) S/B

Contractor SAIPEM (Barge - Castoro 10)

Project Bongkot Field Development Project -Phase 3C (Songkhla, Thailand)

Client PTT-EP (Total -Thailand)

Designation Certifying Authority Surveyor

Onshore Experience

Carried out fit-up and visual inspection, material inspection, welding consumable baking and holding condition, monitoring NDT

activities and conduct WQT, Radiography interpretation. Witness and monitoring of Hydrostatic Testing and Pneumatic Testing,

line checking. Preparation on QA/QC daily welding report. Participates in mechanical completion punch listing activities

01.04. 2002 - 31.08.2004

Company Velosi Miri (Malaysia) S/B

Project (Maintenance and Rejuvenation Project at On/ Offshore)

Client Sarawak Shell Bhd (Bintulu Crude Oil Terminal (BCOT). Sarawak. Malaysia.)

Designation Engineering/ Welding Inspector

- Piping Maintenance Inspection Modification and hook up job at Onshore/ Offshore.

- Carried out Tank, Vessel and SBM (Single Bouy Mooring) maintenance inspection.

- SBM Hoses maintenance inspection and hydrostatic testing.

01.02. 2001 - 31.03 2002

Company Bureau Veritas (Malaysia) S/B

SubContractor Toyo Kanetsu (Malaysia) S/B

Main Contractor Kellogg, Brown and Root

Project MLNG 3 PLANT Project.(Bintulu. Sarawak. Malaysia)

(LNG Double Wall Storage Tank Construction Project)

Designation Third Party Inspector

* Witness of Welding Procedure Qualification Test (WPQT) and Welder Qualification Test

* Review and interpretation radiography result in accordance with the specification.

* Review quality verification records and document.

* Witness of Hydrostatic testing and Pneumatic testing and all QC inspection.

(vacuum test, roundness check, leveling check etc.)

* Review all QC reports and including NDT Report

* Review of material certificates and Manufacturer’s Data Report

* Final visual inspection of welds

* Verify that only approved welders are performing

* Monitor NDT results and take appropriate actions in case of systematic pattern of defect.

01.04. 2000 – 31.01. 2001

Company Ikatan Innovasi Sdn Bhd

Main Contractor Fluor Daniel International (M) S/B

Project Silicon Wafer Technology Plant Project (Piping Fabrication and Erection)

Kulim, Kedah, West Malaysia

Designation QC/ Welding Inspector

* Supervises the quality control implementation on the job site.

* Monitoring of Non Destructive Testing activity i.e. Radiography Testing, Dye Penetrate Testing

* Recommends actions to project personnel to correct identified quality deficiencies.

* Carried out weld mapping and joint numbering for Isometric Drawing.

* Perform welding inspection, material inspection and fit-up inspection.

* Check in accordance with the relevant codes and contract specification requirement.

* Handover final document and RT film to owner.

01.05.1999 - 15.01.2000

Company Harvestech - Sinbery JV S/B

Main Contractor JGC (M) Sdn. Bhd

Project Shell MDS Reconstruction Project (Piping Erection) Bintulu. Sarawak. Malaysia

Designation QC/ Welding Inspector

* Carried out piping fit-up inspection and welding inspection

* Review quality related procedures to ensure compliance with the project requirement

* Verify implementation of correction action for non conformance report (NCR)

* Monitoring the NDT activity i.e. RT, PT, MT

* Review and approve NDT result in accordance with the specification code and standards

* Conduct Welding Procedure Qualification Test (WPQT) and Welder Test (WQT)

* Review quality verification records and compile all documented inspection result for

handover to owner

* Witness and monitoring of Hydrostatic Testing and Pneumatic Testing

15.07. 1998 - 31.04 1999

Company KQKS Engineering Sbn. Bhd

Main Contractor JGC (MALAYSIA) Sdn. Bhd.

Project Titan No. 2 Cracker Plant Project (Piping Erection) Pasir Gudang. Johor. M’sia

Designation QC/ Welding Inspector

* Conduct Welding Procedure Qualification Test (WPQT) and Welder Test (WQT).

* Conduct inspection to the sub-contractor works and identify defect in work.

* Monitoring all NDT work i.e. RT, PT, including PWHT and Brinell Hardness Test

* Hydrostatic testing coordination and test package coordination prior hydro test.

* Review and all NDT report.

* Participates in mechanical completion punch listing activities.

15.01 1998 - 14.07.1998

Company P.T. Technic Engineering S/B

Main Contractor JGC (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD

Project Titan No. 2 Cracker Plant Project (Piping Fabrication) Pasir Gudang. Johor. M’sia

Designation QC/ Welding Inspector

* Carried out all fit-up inspection, visual inspection and conduct WQT

* Review NDT result accomplished by NDT sub-contractor.

* Perform welding inspection, material inspection, alignment check and welding

consumable inspection.

* Perform fabrication inspection to ensure that work undertaken is in accordance with

the detailed drawing.

* Review all QC report i.e. RT report, MPI report, PWHT report and Welding Report.

* Conduct routine inspection on welding to insure conformity with plan and specification.

* Supervise and monitoring project fabrication at workshop and site erection.

16.08.1996 – 14.01.1998

Company Toyo Kanetsu (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

Main Contractor Chiyoda (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd

Project PSR-2 Melaka Refinery Project Stage-1

(Tankage Fabrication and Erection Work)

Designation Site Fabrication Supervisor

* Supervise and monitoring project fabrication and erection at workshop job site.

* Project coordination, planning and scheduling.

* Review and implement inspection and test plan for each construction procedure and

results documented

* Verify that the fabrication works undertaken are in accordance with the and design drawings.

* Check and approve fabrication drawings in accordance with the specified code and standards.

* Final visual inspection of welds.



1979 – 1984 : SRJK(C) Katholik (Primary School)

Jalan Gajah Berang. Melaka. Malaysia

1985 – 1990 : Sekolah Menengah Katholik (Secondary School)

Jalan Gajah Berang, Melaka. Malaysia (SRP, SPM)

1993 – 1996 : Institute Technology Pertama

(Diploma in Mechanical Engineering)

April 2000 : Welding Inspection Course

Successfully completed the Welding Inspection Steel course at T.W.I.

Tranning & Certificate (S.E.Asia) (Malaysia) Tel: +603-61573526 /8

Jan 2004 : Sea Survival and Helicopter Underwater Escape Training

Conducted by SMTC (Miri) Sarawak. Malaysia

April 2004 : Hydrogen Sulfate (H2S) Training Course

Conducted by MSTS Asia (Miri) Sarawak. Malaysia

Jun 2004 : Radiographic Interpretation Course

Successfully completed the Radiographic Interpretation course

(Level II Light &Dense Metal Welds) at T.W.I. Tranning &

Certificate (S.E.Asia) (Malaysia)Tel: +603-61573526 /8

September 2006 : Basic North Sea (BNS)

Basic Safety and Emergency Preparedness Accepted throughout the whole North Sea

Conducted by Nutec (Rotterdam) Nederland +31 (0) 181 376666


Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector

CSWIP 3.4 Radiographic Interpretation

Registered Welding Inspector

Diploma of European Welding Inspection Practitioner (EWF)



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