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VIP Protection, Security Offices, Hired Soldier, Flight Engineer, Fitter & Turner, Contractor


My objective is to be able to use my knowledge and skill to do what I am good at to protect my company, my clients and my co-workers.


Companies: Millinium & Katlego Securities & Private

Position: VIP Protection


1. Escorting & VIP Protection of Clients for corporate & private events & purposes

2. Protection of mine overall security during strike and direct strike confrontations

Companies: Africa Cellular Towers & SL Contractors & RJ Contractors

Position: Site Manager & Contractor


1. Full duties of Site Manager

2. Work according to specs & safety regulations

3. Stock control & issuing of equipment for sites & staff

4. Maintenance/service equip & all power tools

5. Construction including digging of trenches to lay pipes, building of manholes & working with all heavy duty equipment & power tools

6. Apply employer’s Policies & Procedures & Tech Safety Regulations

7. Personnel hiring, promotions & corrective action

8. Handle Project scopes & objectives/ read drawings & interpret specs & problem solving & conflict resolutions & time management

Company: REASeuro Worldwide Ltd (Demining) - Angola

Position: MV4 Operator and mechanic


1. Operate MV4 during demining

2. Servicing & Controlling of MV4

3. Do work according to demining safety standards

4. Maintenance/servicing of equipment

Company: SAFAIR & Denel (JHB)

Position: Maintenance Technician


1. Maintenance on 707; 727; Hercules L382, MD81; MD82 (Airframes)

Company: Executive Outcomes & South African Air Force

Position: Flight Engineer & VIP Protection– Angola & Sierra Leone


1. VIP Protection (escorting VIP’s in/out of war zones)

2. Observation Techniques & Protection of information

3. All hands weapons & Crowd/Riot control

4. Safety inspection of premises & Identify/secure high risk areas

5. Train new Flight Engineers regarding Procedures & Safety regulations

6. Flight Engineer duties on Aircraft & Service/repair according to manual & safety specifications


1. Matric

2. National Technical Certificate

3. Qualified as Fitter on Aircraft

4. Qualified as Flight Engineer on Allouette III

5. Qualified as Flight Engineer on Puma SA 330

6. Completed C47 – TP Technical Training Course


1. National Technical Certificate

2. Occupational Safety (NOSA) and quality Assurance

3. Magnetic Particle Inspection and Liquid Penetrant Inspection

4. Microcomputer Orientation

5. First Aid

6. Fire Fighting

7. V-Sat Course & Practical Course

8. Cable Joining Course & Practical Course

9. Offshore Survival Course

10. STCW 2014


1. Flight Engineer

2. Hired Soldier

3. Weapon Handling

4. Fitter and Turner

5. VIP Protection

6. VIP Escorting

7. Crowd/Riot control

8. Crew Chief

9. Maintenance Technician

10. Site Manager

11. MV4 Operator and mechanic

12. Construction in Telecommunications


Available immediately. I thrive on danger and adventure. I specialize in safety and security. I am a perfectionist and know I have the necessary skills to be an asset to your organisation.

Pretoria, Gauteng,
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