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Vessel operator, Planner, Agent

Vessel Operations

Dear Sirs,

Good day,

Would you be so kind to find attached my resume for consideration for the Ship`s Planner / Ship`s Agent / Vessel Operator position.

I can offer extencive knowledge & experience of vessel loading & operating, such as creation of cargo plans, full control of cargo operations during port stay, etc.

Additionally, I am familiar with all vessel clearance formalities, obtaining Free Practique.

Should you have any questions or require additional information, please contact me at your convenience.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

  • In-depth knowledge of vessel`s stability, stresses, stack weights & lashing forces 21 years by 2019
  • In-depth knowledge of IMDG Code 10 years by 2019
  • In-depth knowledge of COLREG & vessel`s maneuvering characteristics; 21 years by 2019
  • In-depth knowledge of BWMP & GMP 10 years by 2019
  • Chief Officer at BSM
  • Magister
    Navigation at Odessa State Marine Academy
  • All required STCW certificates
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