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Vessel / Yard / Operations Executive / IT Professional


to join a Container Port Terminal that offers a good, safe and enjoyable working environment. Making each day an adventure to live for.



Red Sea Gateway Terminal Inc. – August 2009 to Present

Jeddah Islamic Port, KSA.

System Analyst

• Pioneer in the IT Department to help the Company for the Startup Operation

• Configure Navis N4 to accommodate Gate Transactions

• Created business rules to govern the Gate Transactions

• Design, coded and uploaded into N4 all documents, Tickets for Gate Transactions including EIRs

• Created business rules to check all chargeable events that will later be extracted by N4 Billing

• Configure N4 Billing

• Created business rules for storage charges for empty containers and power rules for reefer containers

• Created and configured N4 Billing to follow the logical algorithm which I designed and uploaded to N4 Billing that will enable to properly identify the chargeable event and apply the appropriate charges

• Design, coded and uploaded all invoices that will be used in N4 Billing

• Help support the Operations Dept in the daily operation routine for both Vessel and Yard

• In-charge of the ERP system currently being developed for RSGT

• Develop in-house programs as well

WWBSLI (Web site and Web Based Software Ltd. Inc) – October 2008 to August 2009

Manila, Quezon City with Remote office in Rotterdam Brain Park 1

Web Developer

• Do research and development for prospective clients

• Develop web-based applications for clients that handles database transactions and queries

• Design simple web pages for clients, but only on certain occasions

Asian Terminals Incorporated – December 2001 to October 2008

Port Area, Manila

Vessel Planner / Yard Planner / Operations Executive / Equipment Controller

As a Vessel Planner, I was tasked to :

• coordinate with Shipping lines on all documents related to the Imports, Exports, Transhipments and Special Containers like permits for Dangerous Cargoes and OOG;

• planning of Export and transhipment Containers to the proper Vessel Stowage Position using Navis N4;

• coordinate with the Line Agent or directly to the Ship's Captain for the confirmation and / or approval of the Loading Plan;

• design and arrange the crane work list for the proper crane splits sequencing of work instructions on both Discharging and Loading;

• prepare loading sequence and work instructions using N4;

• monitors both the discharge and loading by monitoring vessel activities through N4 and via CCTV;

• gives supervision on all dock and vessel workers to ensure smooth workflow, gives additional instructions as required to be able to meet the desired crane productivity and ensure SAFETY at all times;

• prepare the final bay plan and stowage instructions after vessel completion and submit copies to Line Agents and Ship Captain;

As a Yard Planner, i was tasked to:

• monitor all incoming containers on both vessel and community (via Truck);

• prepare yard allocations for Imports, Exports, Transhipments, OOG and DG Containers;

• coordinate with Shipping line on status of empty returns and aging containers;

• give support to vessel operations on proper allocation of yard equipments (RTG/Reachstackers/Sideloaders and others) to achieve a high vessel productivity rate;

• monitor yard congestion and truck turn-time for both Terminal Tractors and outside tractors (for Import Deliveries, Export Receivals);

• supervise and give instructions to all yard supervisors on giving proper directions for all yard equipments

As an Operations Executive / Equipment Controller, I was tasked to:

• foresee both Vessel and Yard Operations;

• guides vessel planner on proper definition of work instructions and crane splits (gives suggestions if deemed necessary);

• guides yard planner on proper yard allocation to avoid congestion and a smoother loading of export boxes;

• conducts toolbox meeting primarily giving emphasis to safety and harmonious working relationship between dock workers and planners;

• make travel rounds around the whole port terminal to ensure proper workflow and safety;

• coordinate with Engineering for the scheduling of Preventive Maintenance for all equipments;

• delegate task to subordinates to ensure proper operational procedure and safety are being followed.

Cargo Data Exchange Center (CDEC) – June 1995 to December 2001

Operations Manager / Systems Analyst/Network Administrator

• Design and Develop programs with RAS Services in which our company is known for, manages / maintains and handles both the Novell and Windows NT Server of the whole company.

• Performs routine check-up of all Servers, connections and workstations

• Supervises the whole I.T Team to further reach out to clients and provide the proper services requirements

• Performs PC-Trouble shooting if the need arises



AMA Computer College (Main), Quezon City

BS Computer Science / Information Technology

Date Graduated: May 1994



• Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Core

Technology Training Course

MIS Net Incorporated Philippines

• Microsoft Window 98 Update Course

Globestan Philippines

• Microsoft SQL Server Seminar

• Holds a Professional Civil Service License

• Repair and Troubleshooting of PC Motherboards

ASK LTD, Hong Kong



? Navis Terminal Operating System N4 / Sparcs XPS

? Full comprehension and interpretation of EDI Message (Baplie / CODECO / COARRI / HL7 and others)

? Oracle EBS (Finance and HR)

? Operating Systems / Server

o DOS 3.0 to 5.xx

o Microsoft

- Windows 3.11 / ME / 98 / 2000/ XP / VISTA / Windows 7

- Windows NT 4.0 (Server & Workstation) / Windows Server 2003

o Novell 3.11 / 3.12

? Database Platforms / Server

o SQL 5 / 6.5 / 7.0

o Oracle 10g / 11g

o Dbase / Foxbase


? Programming Languages

o Application Programming Languages:

? Basic / AS400 / Cobol (Mainframe and DOS) / Assembly / Turbo Pascal / Turbo C / Clipper / Foxpro / Visual Foxpro / Visual Basic 5

o WEB Development Languages:

? HTML / XHTML / XML / XSLT / PHP / ASP / Javascript / VBScript / Ajax / CSS

o .NET Framework

? VB.Net / ASP.NET

? Reporting Tools

o Crystal Report

o Jasper iReport

? Programming Tools

o Macromedia Dreamweaver / Navicat

? Imaging Tools

o Adobe Photoshop

o CorelDraw / Publisher

? Microsoft Application Products

o Office 97 / 2003 / 2007 – Access / Word / PowerPoint / Excel / Visio / Project

? Add-On

o IIS (Internet Information Services)

o PWS (Personal Web Server)

o RAS (Remote Access Service)

o Apache


o Joomla

? Additional Hardware Skills and Expertise

o WAN / LAN (Setup / Installation / Cabling / Configuration) using CISCO Routers, D-link and others

o PC Assembly, Software Installation, Trouble shooting


Caloocan, Manila,
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