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Seeking a weapons/tactics instructor or security-related position.


U.S. Marine Corps (2001-2009)

• 2008 – 2009 Rifleman Marine Special Operations


• 2005 – 2008 Combat Instructor School of Infantry

• 2004 – 2005 Squad Leader 1st Battalion / 8th


• 2003 – 2004 Military Police Military Police Company


• 2002 – 2003 Security Force Security Force Company


• 2001 – 2002 Student Boot Camp, School of

Infantry, Basic Security

Guard school



• U.S. Department U.S. Embassy Security Force

of State Training Program

• U.S. Department U.S. Embassy Response Team Training

of State Program

• U.S. Department M4 Carbine, Glock 19, M249 Squad

of State Automatic Weapon, M240B Weapons

Training Program

• U.S. Department Supervisor Training Program

of State

• U.S. Marine Corps Squad Leaders Course (Military

Combat Leadership School)

• U.S. Marine Corps Combat Instructor Course (Advanced

Weapons and Tactics Course)

• U.S. Marine Corps Formal School of Instructor Course

(Formal Instructing Course)

• U.S. Marine Corps Corporals Course (Leadership School)

• U.S. Marine Corps Basic CBR Instructor (Chemical,

Biological, Radiation Instructor)

• U.S. Marine Corps 20 Marine Corps Instruction courses

completed to include:

Terrorism Awareness, Intelligence brief SW Asia, Land Navigation, Leadership, Desert Operations, Weapons, Military Studies *2, Infantry Patrolling, Marine

Rifleman Combat Skills, Fundamentals of Marine Corps Leadership *2, War fighting, War Fighting Tactics, War Fighting Techniques *2, Administration, Basic Grammar, Math for Marines, Military Operations on Urban Terrain,

Operational Risk Management

• North Carolina Concealed Weapons / Firearms

Criminal Justice Safety Training Course

Education Program

• Unicoi County High School Diploma

High School

Erwin, TN


• M16A3/A4 Rifle, M203 Grenade Launcher, M4 Carbine, Glock

19, M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, M240B/G and M9 certfied

• Certified training in Anti-Terrorism, Force Protection,

explosives, firearms, munitions, offensive/defensive

tactics and leadership

• Certified Combat Instructor

• Certified expert shot with small arms/assault weapons

• Certified in the use of deadly force and many other

security personnel requirements

• Certified Chemical, Biological, Radiation Instructor

• Certified concealed weapons carrier


• Self motivated and confident in making difficult

decisions in stressful situations

• Work effectively in groups with diverse team members

• Outstanding leader and knows when to follow



• Experienced and successful combat tours in Iraq and NSW

Asia. Supervised and motivated many Marines in combat,

ensuring mission success and troop welfare.

During which, employed various infantry weapons to

include the M16A3/A4 Service Rifle, M249 Squad Automatic

Weapon, M240G Medium Machine Gun, M203 Grenade Launcher,

M9 Service Pistol and many different munitions, in

support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II, Operation Southern

Watch and Operation Enduring Freedom

• Served as a Military Police and Security Force Officer,

responsible for guarding and protecting several federal

military instillations in and out of the country. Duties

included foot and mobilized patrols, flight line

security, offensive tactics in confined spaces and

provided the final barrier of an integrated security plan

for the asset being protected

• Instructed, evaluated and graduated over 2400 entry level

Marines in security operations, infantry weapons,

munitions, combat conditioning, communications,

offensive/defensive tactics, close quarters battle, urban

warfare and all other basic combat skills

• Operated, maintained and managed the security of weapons,

gear and highly sophisticated equipment, valued at more

than 1 million dollars

• Served as Range Safety Officer, responsible for the

coordination, supervision and overall safety of more than

100 live fire ranges

• Qualified expert in small arms/assault weapons and

certified in the use of deadly force and many other

security personnel requirements

• Over 8 years of diverse and challenging experiences,

combined with powerful presentation skills, a disciplined

approach to the task at hand and an excellent

acknowledgment for “getting the job done”

Jacksonville, NC,
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