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Unlicensed engineer

Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew
Please accept this letter in application for a position within your company as an unlicensed engineer, it will provide you with information concerning my background, experiences, skills, and qualifications acquired during my 9yrs, 4months , and 29days of sea service.

Machinery Technician (MK) United States Coast Guard 
Responsible for the operation and routine maintenance of the ships main propulsion engines and auxiliary equipment.Assist in all major repairs and overhauls.Ships Engineer Of The Watch underway.
180’ (950T)ocean going buoy tender : 2x Cooper Bessemer GND-8,4cycle MDE.                Honolulu,HI.
110’(164T) patrol/search & rescue : 2x Paxman-Valenta V-12 4stroke turbo                   Savannah,GA.
82’(60T) patrol/search & rescue : 2x 800hp Cummings Diesel/2x 800hp Caterpillar.        Jonesport,ME.
170’ tug and barge (178T)ICW : 2x Waukesha 600hp                                                 Brunswick, GA.
41’(13T) utility patrol/search and rescue: 2x VT-903 Cummings                                     Brunswick,GA.
45’(15T) Charter dive boat : 2x 355hp QSC-series Cummings.                              Grand Cayman,BWI.
42’(13.23T)Charter sail catamaran: 75 OB Mariner                                             Grand Cayman, BWI.
Ships service generators:Detroit Diesel 6-71 series in-line 
Construction Deck Equipment,inspection and maintenance 
Waywolf Boiler and Flash type evaporator maintenance and repairs 
Oily Water Separator maintenance and repairs 
Volva Penta system maintenance 

Engineer Of The Watch underway and In-port.
In-port Officer On Duty
Boat crew/seamanship 
Special Emergency Operation and Procedure 
Maritime Law Enforcement Training /Boarding Team member
Shipboard firefighting/flooding
Shipboard damage control 
Certified Emergency Medical Technician 
Trenton, SC,
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