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Tug Boat Master


Inland Tug Master willing to work anywhere across the globe.


Summarized History of experiences and Achievements

1. Country : Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Duration : Jan, 2004 to December 2006

Position : Inland Tug Master


• Assisting dredging requirements and Tugs Maintenance

2. Company : Port, India

Duration : 1999 to 2003

Position : Inland Tug Master

Independent in charge for Voith Tug 4000 Bhp.


• Towing, Shifting, and Sailing in bound vessels and out bound vessels in different tides.

3. Company : Saudi Maintenance corporation, Siyanco

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (King Fahad Industrial Port)

Duration : 1997 to 1998

Position : Tug Master


• Operating Tug 5,600 H.P. Fugee engine, Japan 85 Ton bollard pulling power.

• Towing, berthing and un-berthing VLCC vessels.

• Control the tugboat to tow and push ships assist in docking ships at wharves maintain and refuel the tug direct the work of the tug’s crew.

• Ensure the safety of the tug and its crew.

4. Company : Boskalis dredging international, Bangladesh.

Duration : 1999 to 2000

Position : Skipper


• Assisting Dredging Requirements

5. Company : Port India

Duration : 1981 to 1997

Position : Deck Hand / Syrang / 1st and 2 nd Class Master


• Worked as deck hand (Lascar) in different launches, tug boats.

• Twin screw conversion and Voith and Schottles for towing and pushing and hauling horsal, maintenance of tugs.

• Mooring launches syrang grade- for passing ropes form vessel Bow to berth and casting from berths and oil moorings and buoys in outer harbour.

• As tug master class II, pilot launch

• Master for embarking and disembarking from the in bound and out bound vessels in different tides.


Matriculation from Andhra University


• Syrang Grade-I, COC (1993) MMD, Govt. of India.

• Tug Master Grade-II,COC (1995) MMD, Govt. of India.

• Tug Master Grade-I, COC (2003) MMD, Govt. Of India.

• STCW-95, Naval Maritime Academy, Mumbai, India.


• Anchor Handling

• cutter dredgers pipeline connection

• Vessels Berthing and Un-berthing


Operate the following Type of Tugs :

• Conversion with Flanking Rudder (Any Break Horse Power)

• Conversion with twin screw (Any Break Horse Power)

• Voith Tug (Any Break Horse Power)

• Schottle Tug (Any Break Horse Power)

• Accqua Tug (Any Break Horse Power)

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh,
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