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Third/Fourth marine engineer

Vessel Operations

Personal information

Rank Desired                                 Third Engineer/Fourth Engineer

Languages                                      Fluent In English and Arabic

Date of Birth                                  10/1/1960

Citizenship                                   American/Egyptian

Civil status                                 married


Core Strengths

  • Able to work without constant supervision
  • Monitors and performs repairs and ensures  they are performing properly and safely and economically
  • performs troubleshooting and reparation of equipment
  • Ensures logs preventive maintenance records, and documentation for general maintenance operation and repairs
  • Performs daily inspections and maintenance on mechanical equipment
  • Requisition spare parts, tools and materials for mechanical equipment repairs
  • Oversees an engine room at sea and as required while in port
  • Operation, overhauling and maintenance in charge of main air compressors ,oil purifiers ,alternator engine



  • Prevention and combating of marine Pollution certificate
  • Personal safety and social responsibilities                                            4/2/2020
  • Advanced Fire prevention and firefighting                                         11/2020
  • Proficiency in personal survival techniques                                         23/2/2020
  • Medical First Aid                                                                                 4/2/2020
  • Proficiency in survival Crafts and Rescue Boats                                 11/2/2020
  • Proficiency of security awareness training
  • for seafarers with designated security duties                                    25/2/2020

Certificate of Competency and Endorsement

                                           Second Marine Engineer

                                  Valid Until      4/2/2020


                                                        Latest Work Experience

Vessel name   Wadi  Alkarnak(Bulk Carrier)

Company Name Egyptian Navigation Company

D.W.T               70,000

H.P                     11,640

B.H.P                  127 R.P.M

From                    4/7/2015

Till                       24/1/2016

Passport Information


Nationality                            Number             Date                 Valid until        

American                               428812219      30/7/2007     29/7/2017

Seaman's Passport

Egyptian                                194008            16/3/2015        4/2/2020



Motivated, team oriented engineering professional.

Ambitious to work undertake challenge and show productivity as Engineer in an environment that offers growth with opportunities for achieving organizational objectives   

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