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Third Mate, Marine Surveyor, Marine Engineer


I am looking for a job as Marine Surveyor. I have experience on board of general cargo carrier, bulk carriers, container ships and tug boat, progressing from Apprentice to Third Mate.


From 06/1999 To 01/2005 Navigation Maritime Bulgarie, Varna, Bulgaria, EU


N.Y. Vaptzarov Naval Academy, Varna, Bulgaria, 1997 - 2002

Master Degree in Ship Navigation


- Watchkeeping Officer Third Degree, 08/11/2004

- Radar Simulator

Radar Observation and Plotting

The Operational Use of ARPA

From 09/27/2004 To 10/01/2004

- Oil Tanker Familiarization STCW 78/95 Regulation V/1, p. 1.2; Section A-V/1,

para. 1 to 7

From 06/30/2003 To 07/04/2003

- Personal Survival Techniques STCW 78/95 Reg. VI/4, Sec. A-VI/1 para. 2.1.1

Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities STCW 78/95 Reg. VI/, Sec. A-VI/1

para. 2.1.4

Proficiency in Medical First Aid STCW 78/95 Reg. VI/4 p.1, Sec. A-VI/4 para. 1-3

Competency in Advanced Fire Fighting STCW 78/95 Reg. VI/3 p.1, Sec. A-VI/3

para. 1-4

From 02/03/2003 To 02/12/2003

- Proficiency in Survival Crafts and Resque Boats STCW 78/95 Reg. VI/2 p. 1,

Section A - VI/2 para. 1 to 4

From 01/28/2003 To 01/30/2003

- Ship Agent. Certified by ASBA / Association of Ship Brokers and Agents, USA Inc./



English, Bulgarian, some Russian.


Word, Exel, Database, Internet.


Tampa, FL,
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