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Third Mate


I recently hawse-piped my way up to a 3rd Mate AGT Oceans license, and would like to Sail as a mate.


April 2006 – PRESENT

3rd mate – NOAA, Dept. of Commerce, Seattle, WA

November 2011 - present, Relief pool, various ships.

October 2009 – October 2011, Deck Utility Man on NOAA ship Okeanus Explorer (deep water ROV Research); October 2008 – October 2009, Fisherman in NOAA Relief Pool West (various vessel appointments); June 2007 - October 2008, Fisherman on NOAA ship Miller Freeman (fisheries research vessel); April 2006- June 2007, Ordinary Seaman on NOAA Ship Rainier (Survey Vessel).

Assist in maintenance, cleaning and maneuvering of Vessel. Certified on deck research machinery. Stand fish watches and bridge watch standing at sea and while in port, Chart correcting using NTM, underway QM qualified, underway JOOD Watch standing. Small boat cox'n certified. Member of fire team and Fast rescue boat cox'n. USCG AB Limited endorsement, and 100 ton master, 200 ton mate near coastal.

June 2005 - November 2005

Agricultural Technician for the Phytophthora ramorum (Sudden Oak Death), Washington State Department of Agriculture - Pest program, Olympia, WA

As an Agricultural Technician it was my responsibility to supervise Agricultural Aides in field operations and to schedule daily work plans. I conducted field surveys around Western Washington for infected materials. This requires extensive interaction with the public, private business (nurseries and some property owners) and other agencies-often under emotionally delicate circumstances. This job furthered my skills in recognizing potentially infected hosts, proper sampling techniques and documenting all data in detail. I also had to prepare samples for lab processing.

August 2004 - February 2005, April 2003 - June 2003

Land Steward, University of California at Santa Cruz, Big Sur, CA

As a Land Steward I had to maintain trails and roads throughout the UCSC Natural Reserve. This job required that I operated a variety of power tools. To list a few: weed-eaters, chain saws, pole saws winches, pulleys, tractors, skill saws, nail guns, off-road vehicles, and many others. Most of my work was remote and unsupervised requiring me to carefully follow Safety procedures. I was also responsible for plant identification and preservation of rare or otherwise noteworthy plants. As a land steward I had to remove all non-native and invasive species on the reserve and document where all the endemic plants grew so that they could be preserved and later used for education in visiting research groups. It was my job to help facilitate the needs of the research groups using the reserve as well. Most of the time this was just helping the groups get the lay of the land, find where any special plants or animals might live that they were interested in and to make that their visit was comfortable and educational.


July 2004 - December2004, January 2000 - June 2000

Monterey Peninsula College,

Completed General Education Requirements, prepared to transfer (approximately 71 semester units finished to date with 3.6 GPA).

January 2004

California State University, Monterey Bay,

GIS certification from ESRI-run seminar

August 1998 - December 1999

University of Massachusetts, Amherst,

Undeclared major, three semesters completed



3rd Mate Any Gross Ton oceans.

200T mate/100T master Near coastal license

AB Unlimited

STCW Ratings Forming Part of Navigational Watch

STCW Officer In Charge of Navigational Watch


FCC Radio operators license


40-hour Basic Safety training

1-day visual communications course (Flashing light)

32-hour Rules of the Road

80-hour Celestial Navigation

Terrestrial and coastal Navigation

Unlimited radar observer (5-days) and one day renewal

70-hour GMDSS

40-hour Hazwopper and 8-hour refreshers to keep in date


21-hour Bridge resource management

31 ¼ Hour Fast Rescue Boats

32 Hour Advanced Shipboard Firefighting - STCW

17.5 Hour Basic Marine Firefighting

31 ½ Hour Survival Craft

16 hour Damage Control

1st Aid and CPR and AED training

16-hour Search and Rescue

21-hour Emergency Procedures

35-hour Ship Construction and Basic Stability

35-hour cargo handling and stowage

80- hour watchkeeping

35-hour basic shiphandling

35-hour meteorology

35-hour medical care provider

Small boat component course for NOAA




- Operations of a wide variety of deck machinery, and shore side supporting machinery.

- An ability to not only upkeep shipboard machinery but the skills to fix broken machinery.

- Very good with tools in general.

- Great with upkeep and management of safety equipment.

- Good at Boat handling for a wide variety of boats.

- Very good with computers, both hardware and software.

- A good understanding of Bridge equipment.



Chief Mate Kristopher Mackie

CDR. Mike Hopkins

Operations Office

CDR. Mark Boland


LCDR Daniel Simon

Seattle, WA,
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