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Tender Captain


Well i just got my 100 ton masters license but i want to get seatime so i can get the towing endorsement as well. so if there are any jobs avalible in accomplishing that then i would like to do them, like wheel time and/or time under a licensed captain.


i work on the New York State Canal as a Tender Captain and have for two years, pushing pontoons and big scows/barges around for the dredges and other work boats. Also i've worked for the canal for 6 years and on two other tugboats for 4 years handling lines and deckhand duties, also tying up and pushing scows/barges along with other state boats. one of the tugs is around 90 feet long at 74 ton and the other is around 65 feet long at 50 ton. The Tender is around 40 feet at 18 ton.


High School Diploma, two years B.O.C.E.S taking Electricity and Small Engine Repair.


100ton masters license with towing assistance, first aid and cpr course, two years at B.O.C.E.S


handling lines, fast learner, painting, upkeep of the vessel, hard working, working on engines...oil changes, changing oil filters, fuel filters and engine matainance


get along well with others, very friendly, love working on boats and leaning new things. I get laid off in october and go back in december as a laborer working on the canal locks but if a boat job is available i would gladly take that job to get as much seatime as possible for more hours toward the towing endorsment.

Deansboro, NY,
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