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Technical Superintendent


I have been working as Fleet Superintendent with V Ships Limited, Cyprus since January 2007 and am now looking forward to relocating out of Cyprus for career enhancement and growth.


• Fleet Superintendent (Technical) employed with V Ships Limited, Cyprus since Jan 2007 looking forward to relocating and joining a reputed shipping company with an aim for further career enhancement and growth.

• Over three years experience in all technical operations including dry-docking, afloat repairs, surveys, modifications in compliance with new regulations, selection and briefing of joining senior officers, budget preparation of company managed vessels Besides also carried out pre-purchase inspections, take over of ships coming into management as well as hand over of ships leaving management, routine inspections and preparation of quarterly reports to Owners.

• Presently looking after one 16K chemical tanker (Type II), one 13K chemical tanker (Type II), one 7390 cbm pressurized LPG, one 3514 cbm pressurized LPG, one 74,000 DWT product Tanker and one 26,000 geared, double skin Bulk Carrier. Previously was assigned various types of Geared Bulk Carriers, Container Vessels.

• Two years as Supdt Engineer with MAN Diesel India Limited, carrying out onboard repairs, trouble shooting, servicing and provide updated information to clients whose ships call Indian and Sri Lankan ports, Indian Navy and also Indian flag ships. Attend vessels during dry-dock repairs on main propulsive and power generation machinery and also guarantee overhauls. All in consultations with principals in Copenhagen and Augsburg.

• Sea experience of 18 years out of which about 5 years as Chief Engineer of large container vessels, geared and gearless bulk carriers, mainly in V ships and Anglo Eastern, Hong Kong.

• Various in house training courses whilst working with V Ships Limited, Cyprus and when with MAN Diesel India Limited.


? All India Senior School Certificate Examination, under C.B.S.E, New Delhi with distinction.

? Class One MEO – Certificate of competency, issued Mercantile Marine Department, Mumbai INDIA in 1995

? One Year specialization course in Diesel Engines Aug 1985 at Naval Dockyard, Mumbai

? 3 Yrs N.C.T.V.T course in Diesel Engines from 1981 to March 1984

? National Cadet Core training for two years in Naval stream


MOT Class 1 (Motor)


? Fleet Superintendent (Technical) with V Ships Limited, Cyprus : January 2007 to present

• Responsibilities

? Planning, controlling and execution of all activities related to maintenance, repairs, survey and certification requirements, budget preparation and dry-docking of container ships, Geared Bulk Carrier, Chemical Carrier (IMO Type II) and fully pressurized Gas Carrier.

? Working with other members of the Management Team to co-ordinate all relevant information required for the preparation of the vessel running cost budget.

? Working closely with MS & Q Dept. ensuring repairs of reported deficiencies, damages and non-conformities are cleared as quickly as possible; Carry out internal audits; Prepare Vsl for vetting inspections and follow up on the observations and deficiencies.

? Interviewing prospective candidates, briefing Senior Officers on requirements prior to joining vessel

? Monitor performance, ensure ships kept up to standards with regards to maintenance, quality & safety

? Planning and attendance during dry-docking

? Prepare quarterly and annual reports for clients (Ship Owners) and budget control.

• Major Projects undertaken:

? Aug 2007 - Dry-docking of Container Vessel MV Tiger Spirit, IMO no. 8602751, 13173 DWT, 712 TEU for replacement of damaged rudder stock and steel repairs, at S.T. Marine shipyard, Singapore.

? Aug 2008 - Intermediate survey and dry-docking of MV Paula 1, Geared Bulk carrier, IMO no. 8014081, 21740 DWT at Dry-Dock world, Dubai.

? March 2009 - Intermediate Survey and dry-docking of MV Paula II, Geared bulk carrier, IMO no. 8102414, 37227 DWT at Dry-Dock world Dubai. Emergency docking and repairs to stern tube bearing at same shipyard.

? 2007 - Afloat repairs (Machinery, sea valves, pipe lines and hull flat bottom temporary repairs) of MV Persepolis, Geared Bulk carrier IMO no. 7718125, 17188 DWT at port of Ajman.

? 2009 - Afloat repairs, renewal of slewing bearing of cargo cranes (Guarantee repairs) MV Athos, IMO no. 9437517 at China

? July 2008 - Renewal of crankshaft and onboard repairs to Auxiliary Engine, Daihatsu 6PSHtb -26H on board MV Paula II

? Dry-docks specification preparation of MV Silver Ocean, Container Vessel, IMO no. 9179476

? Pre purchase Inspection of Various Bulk Carriers namely, MV Gokan, IMO no. 8124802, Jan 2009; MV Team Effort, IMO no. 8308886, Jan 2008; MV Gulser Ana, IMO no. 8418289, Dec 2008; MV Arcadia Progress, IMO no. 7914963, Feb 2008; MV Mare Hibernum, IMO no. 9101807, July 2007; MV Michael S

? Take over (Enter into Management) of Paula II, Bulk Carrier, March 2008

? Take over of MT Pitanga 16,000 Chemical carrier, Jan 2010

? Routine inspections of a large number of Dry cargo and Chemical carriers in the fleet.

? Sea Trials of MV Nord Shanghai, Geared Bulk Carrier, IMO no. 9437517DWT 32688, July 2009

? Superintendent Engineer at MAN B&W Diesel India Ltd. Mumbai : February 2005 to January 2007

• Responsibilities

? Technical assistance pertaining to MAN B&W make 2 & 4 stroke engines and T/Chgrs to Indian flag & foreign flag vessels calling at Ports in India and Sri Lanka.

? Attending to onboard repairs, trouble shooting, servicing.

? Dry-dock attendance for main propulsion, power generation & Turbochargers overhauls as per client requirements.

? Performance analysis and routine inspection of Main Engines on Indian Flag ships under guidance from principals in Copenhagen and Augsburg.

• Major Projects undertaken:

? Initiate and open “PrimeServ –MAN DIESEL” service at Colombo Dockyard, Sri Lanka.

? Indian Naval Ship Jyoti – Main Engine 6L 60MC complete overhaul and Guarantee performance at 90% load.

? Annual maintenance and technical assistance to fleet of Dredgers owned by Dredging Corporation of India. Major projects involving complete overhauls, up-gradation and guarantee repairs of following dredgers

- Dredge V – Main Engine G 8V 30/45 ATL x two complete overhaul

- Dredge VIII – G7 V 30/45 ATL - removal, repair and refitting of crankshaft

- DCI Dredge XVII – 6L 40/54 Main Engines – Complete Overhauls

? M.V. Gati Suvidha – 8L 32 / 36 VO - damage assessment and repair solution for crankpin damage

? M.V. Bavaria Express – Overhaul of NA 70 TO Turbocharger, rotor balancing at local facility

? Indian Naval Ship Aditya – Complete overhaul (Turn Key Project) of MAN 16V 40 /45; 8.8 MWs Main Engines

? Chief Engineer onboard V’ Ships Managed Ships : Sea Experience 18 yrs from 1986 to January 2005

• Chief Engineer from Sept 1997 to Feb 2005 on dry cargo vessels namely Gearless & geared Bulk Carriers, Multi purpose Vsls and Container Ships.

• Engines Experience: MAN B&W : 6S70MCE, 6L90GFC, 10L90GB, 6L70GB, 6KGF90C, 6S70MC, 7L67GFC, 14V 52/55, VT2BF 140 - Up to 47, 000 BHP. SULZER – RND 76M, RTA62, RTA84 – Up to 33,000 BHP.

• Major Projects undertaken:

? Installation of Water Ingress and Alarm monitoring system - MV Giuseppe Lembo

? Daihatsu 600 KWs Auxiliary Engine Crankshaft renewal – MV M C Gem

? Atlas Copco Air compressors installation. Oily water Separator Installation – MV Giuseppe Lembo

? Reinstate UMS operation status on MV Maersk Belawan after thorough analysis of machinery condition

? Conversion of ballast tank into fuel tank onboard Cape Size Bulker - MV Merchant Prestige.

? Technical Superintendent with Radiant Shipping Ltd. Mumbai : March 2002 to 12 Sept 2002

• Responsibilities

? Planning, controlling and execution of all activities connected with maintenance, repairs, survey and certificate requirements, dry-docking of Vessels Owned by a Indian shipping company

? Monitor vessel’s performance; ensure that the vessels are kept up to standards with regards to maintenance, quality, and safety standards.

? Planning and attendance during dry-docking

? Company owned Vessels having dual class with Indian Register of Shipping (I.R.S)

• Major Projects undertaken:

? Dry-docking M.V. RADIANT CANOPUS, May 2002 at Qingdao, CHINA. 21623 GRT, CRANES 4 x 25 MT

? Management take over of two 1592 GRT Mini Bulk Carriers, Mumbai registered

? Naval Dockyard Mumbai : From Aug 1985 to Oct 1986

• Responsibilities

? After completion of training complete Overhaul, Tuning and Sea Trials of various Diesel Engines up to 6000 KWs Capacity at I.C. Engines Workshop, Naval Dockyard, Bombay

? Part of Team working in collaboration with Russian War Ship Engine specialists onboard Indian Naval warships for maintenance of Gas Turbines and high speed main propulsion engines.


• V Ships Limited, Limassol, Cyprus (Fleet Superintendent)

• MAN B&W Diesel India Ltd, Mumbai (Superintendent Engineer)

• V Ships Inc, Monaco (Sailing)

• Anglo Eastern Ship management Ltd. Hong Kong (Sailing)

• Radiant Shipping, Mumbai (Technical Superintendent)

• Amer Ship Management Ltd. Mumbai (Sailing)

• Seven Seas Transportation Ltd. Mumbai (Sailing)

• Indian Naval Dockyard, Mumbai (Shipyard repairs)

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