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I would like to involve myself in international shipbuilding industry to enrich my experience and knowledge in shipbuilding.


Employment History

Company Name : PSC Naval Dockyard Sdn. Bhd. Lumut, Perak, Malaysia.

Position Title : Technical Executive (Design Division)

Specialization : Electrical / Electronic Design & Technical Support

Industry : Shipbuilding

Date Joined : 2nd January 2001

Date Left : 30th April 2005

Job Descriptions :

1.To prepare technical specification and preliminary design for shipbuilding contract.

2.To liase with consultant, owner and manufacturers for the development of design in accordance with the contract requirement.

3.To study and compare the various types of equipment and recommend the most suitable one.

4.To prepare purchase order specification of equipment, materials and fitting to be submitted to material planner in accordance with production schedule.

5.To calculate and design various systems and installation according to contract requirement, rules and regulations and good marine practise.

6.To collect, verify data and upkeep for future work.

7.To prepare single line electrical schematic and electrical load analysis.

8.To attend to setting to work, commissioning, basic trial and sea trial to ensure the performance of the ship is met.

9.To attend to design problem encountered during construction or testing and to propose remedy action.

10.To carry out other function as assigned by manager according to workload of section.

Major Projects / Tasks

1. Two (2) units of Double Decker Double Ended Diesel Engine Vehicular Ferry Vessels for Penang

Port Sdn. Bhd.

2. Building Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) for Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN)

3. Designed Electrical drawings for RMN ship KD Mutiara

4. Designed Electrical drawings for RMN ship KD Inderapura

5. Designed Electrical drawings for the Fishing Vessel

6. Conversion of software Foran V40 to V50

Involvement in Projects / Tasks


Main Responsibility :To prepare technical specification and preliminary design.

Work Target :To complete the job on time as required.

Work Achievement :Have met target in basic designing in electrical / electronic e.g. Voith

Schneider single line diagram.


Main Responsibility :To liase with manufacturer for the development of design in accordance

with the contract requirement.

Work Target :Work should execute as required by standard procedures.

Work Achievement :Liaison with the following manufacturer : Kinta Swtchgear (Panel Control),

Kenton Marine (Designer), Wartsila (Main Engine) and Palmarine

(Main Engine Control Panel) to integrate main engine with the

control panels.


Main Responsibility :To do detail calculations to comply with the contract requirement with rules

and regulations.

Work Target :Ability to resolve problems that arise.

Work Achievement :Carried out the following task to provide the detail calculations;

Power consumptions for motors, cable sizes, breaker sizes, water tight

doors and distribution boards.


Main Responsibility : To attend to design problem encountered during construction and testing.

Work Target :Ensure design details comply with contract requirement and marine rules

and regulations.

Work Achievement :Attended to the following problems;

(i) Main Engine Alarm and Monitoring Panel

(ii) Voith Schneider Propellers Electrical and Electronic terminations.

Work Performances

1. Job Knowledge

Understanding of all work aspects and technicalities involved in the practical side of the job.

Remark: Has demonstrated and involved in design aspects.

2. Job Attitude

Perseverance and willing to be accountable in completion of work assignments and not leaving work half done.

Remark: Involvement in Penang Ferry and Offshore Patrol Vessel project during the completion and willingness to aspect responsibility, which is related technically.

3. Leadership/Motivation

Ability to control and handle authority: inspires subordinates morale and enthusiasm in the work place.

Remark: Leadership by example is the approach of own self to inspire subordinates to work harder.

4. Delegation & Work Control

Able to delegate duties to subordinates, plan the work schedule, monitor and follow through the work completion.

Remark: Able to delegate work to subordinates according to their abilities.

5. Creativity

The ability to develop original thought or ideas of simple effective innovations towards achieving the objectives.

Remark: This will evident in several instances where creativity of thought was necessary and able to express genuine thought and ideas.

6. Conduct/Discipline

Self-disciplined, capable in disciplining others, awareness of company’s disciplinary procedures and safety’s rules.

Remark: Well self-disciplined.

7.Communication Skill

Able to present information, give proper instructions, express ideas, prepare reports and exchange information.

Remark: Good communication skill.


Good attendance record and seldom absent or late coming. (with acceptable reasons)

Remark: Good attendance record.

9.Time Management

Knows importance of job’s priority and able to meet datelines.

Remark: Have managed to give importance to job priority.

10. Teamwork

Cooperativeness, friendly, willingness to share experiences and help.

Remark: Cooperative. Especially during sea trials for Penang Ferry, worked to gather with other departments to identify the improvement that need be carried out for better performances of the vessel.

Extra Performances

1. Selected as Instructor for ‘English Literacy Course’

2. System Administrator in Design Division

3. Database Administrator for FORAN V50 software


Educational Background

Highest Education

Level : Diploma

Field of Study : Electronic Engineering

Institute / University : University Technology Malaysia

Located In : Malaysia

Graduation Year : 2001


English, Malay and Tamil – proficient in oral and writing


1. President of Shool Chess Club

2. School Prefect

3. School Representative for Chess Competition

4. District Representative for Chess Competition

5. English Literacy Course Trainer at PSC NDSB


Languages (Spoken/Writen)

English, Malay, Tamil

Computer Skills

Ms Word 2000, Ms Excel 2000, Ms Power Point 2000, Ms Access 2000, Ms Project, AutoCAD,

Adobe Photoshop 5.0, FORAN V50 software.


Industrial Training

Company Name : TELEKOM Malaysia Bhd.

Position Title : Trainee

Specialization : Industrial Training

Industry : Telecommunication

Training Duration : 15th November 1999 – 15th April 2000

Scope of Training :

1. CNO-Customer Network Support

2. CASS-Customer Automated Service System

3. MDF-Main Distribution Frame

4. CICC-Centralize Installation Control Centre

5. ACC-Assignment Control Centre

6. ITS-Immediate Telephone Service

7. Non-ITS-Non Immediate Telephone Service

8. NI-New Installation

9. SOMS-Switching Operation Main Frame Centre

10. IMR-Initial Meter Reading

11. DP-Distribution Point

12. CS-Customer Support

13. MTI-Malaysian Telecommunication Instruction


2001 - 2005

1. Attended Basic – Intermediate training for Microsoft Access 2000 in2004

2. Trainer for ‘English Literacy 1’ at PSC NDSB in 2001

3. Attended Effective Accounting at PSC NDSB

4. Attended seminar provided by Inland Revenue Board, Malaysia

5. Attended Performance Evaluation Programme at PSC NDSB

6. Attended Quality Control and Assurance Training at PSC NDSB

7. Attended FORAN V6 training for Electrical and Electronic drawing at PSC NDSB

8. Attended FORAN V6 Administrative training at PSC NDSB

1997-2000 :

1. Asst. Treasurer for Graduation Night at University Technology Malaysia

2. Representative for University in Chess Competition

1993-1995 :

1. Representative for Manjung district in Chess Competition

2. Representative for school in Chess Competition

3. School Prefect Sek. Men. Methodist Ayer Tawar, Perak

4. President of Chess Club

5. Treasurer of Science & Mathematics Club

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