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I consider that a position in your company will give me the opportunity to use my qualifications and skills. I can define myself as a persistent person, who knows how to set and achieve her objectives, dedicated to her work and capable to overcome successfully the most challenging tasks. The perfect job for me would be a challenging one, suitable for my dynamic personality and my desire to succeed. In my opinion, my best traits are my excellent communication skills, my capacity to integrate well in a team and learn quickly.


Work experience:




? Semi-Submersible Drilling Rigs AKER H6e “Alpha” & “Beta” for Aker Kvaerner;

? Safina Dock Gate (Royal Haskoning UK LTD Maritime);

? Harbour Tug Boat 50T BP;

? Gantry Crane 300T (Konecranes)

? Gravity Base Structure (GBS) – Sub Sea Storage Tank (Heerema for Petro-Canada Netherlands BV - PCNL);

? Double Hull Tankers 6200 DWT (Dubai Shipping Company);

? Floating Crane 2000T (Dry Docks World Dubai);

Job Responsibilities:

Overall Quality in-charge of the projects – hull and steel outfitting parts;

Responsible for maintaining the quality standards of the work carried in line with

Classification Society Codes (DNV, LR, GL) and Project/Client Specification Standards;

Ensure that all work is carried out to the quality in the best possible manner to achieve the above specification and within the guidelines of engineering and the shipbuilding good practices;

Conduct frequent audits and report any non-compliance;

Checking all the documentation for:

-material traceability (Nesting Number, Heat Number and Material Certificate);

-welding traceability (Joint Number, WPS, Welder ID)

-NDT (UT, MPI, VT, DPT reports);

Provide back up to the QC Inspectors for managing and handling projects including providing technical advice as required.

CONSTANTA SHIPYARD February 2005 – July 2005

OWNER SURVEYOR of Volharding Shipyards (Netherlands)

Job Responsibilities:

Carried out structural and welding inspections of new buildings - Car Carrier STO-RO-RO

Plan, perform and carried out in-process and final inspection.

Suggest in case of failures on achieving the project specifications.




? 750 TEU Container Ship (3 nos.) for JJ Sietas. Class – GL;

? 2500 TEU Container Ship (3 nos.) for SSW. Class – GL;

? 850 TEU Container Ship (4 nos.) for Volharding Shipyards (Beluga Project). Class – GL;

Job Responsibilities: Structural/Welding Inspection (Shop & Field)

Before Welding:

1 Checking for approval of the WPS.

2 Checking the surface preparation of joint on both internal & external surfaces and bevel ends.

3 Checking bevel angle as per joint design in the WPS.

4 Checking joint fit up to rectify any mismatch.

5 Checking root gap as per WPS.

6 Checking for electrode & filler wire compliance as per WPS.

During Welding:

1 Checking voltage / Amperage and travel speed as per WPS.

2 Checking inter pass temperature as per WPS.

3 Checking cleaning of the weld joint in between passes.

After Welding:

1 Visual inspection of the weld joint on both external & internal sides for lack of fusion, under cut, slag, spatter, arc strikes, internal & external weld reinforcement and rectification of the above.

2 Checking post weld heat treatment of joint to maintain correct heating rate, cooling rate, soaking period temperature ranges;

3 Performing MPI, DPT or VT as per requirements

4 Reviewing of NDT reports;

5 Reviewing final packages for Pressure testing;

ROMANIAN ARMY (NAVY) 1989 – 2001


I carried out structural and welding inspection of hull structure and ships repairs. I assisted with inspections of surface preparation – pre-blasting and blasting inspection.


1985 – 1989 Technical College in Constanta – Romania

I have received the Diploma of Electro - Mechanic Technician

Specialization: Electro- Mechanical Drilling Rig


2006 Certified Associate Welding Inspector;

Member of American Welding Society

2005 ASNT SNT-TC-1A; - Level II

Certified for Visual Inspection;

Certified for Magnetic Particle Testing;

Certified for Liquid Penetrate Testing.

2001 On Job Training in Daewoo Shipyard (DSME) - South Korea - Qualified as Quality Control Inspector – Hull Part;


Well conversant with Classification Societies rules and standards (Hull and Steel Outfitting);

Competently and conscientiously supervising of built constructions in compliance with the rules, standards and requirements;

Good Knowledge of steel, welding procedures and well conversant with Mechanical Testing Methods and NDT techniques & standards;

Well conversant with Shipbuilding drawings;

Good planning, strong organizational and execution skills;

Adaptability to work in any environment, in close and confined spaces even;

Ability to work well under stress and ability to work independently as well as part of the team;

Effective communication skills;

Responsibility in decision making, based on strong technical and engineering knowledge.


I have more than eighteen years experience as Structural & Welding Inspector in Romania and U.A.E., which involves Quality Control Activities of structural & welding inspection for shipbuilding and offshore. I have excellent communication and inter personnel skills and would like to aim high with new challenges and to successfully achieve the Set targets in time.

Good experience in the Ships and Offshore, Building, Repair and Conversion

Presently I am working with Dry Docks World Dubai as a SR. QC Inspector since JULY 2005.

Mangalia, Constanta,
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