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Superintendent Marine vessel, OM & M

Vessel Operations


FUNCTIONAL AREA: Port construction & Construction Dredging, Marine Vessel, Floating crafts, Equipment and Fabrication.

Designation    :  Superintendent (Dredging) Mechanical.    

Education       : DME, DEM & Bachelor in Business Administration (Marketing).

Period             : From January 2015 to till the day.

Objective: Seeking assignment and dedicated in Project with passion of end to end Operation Monitoring, maintenance and Management focusing on Dredging & Dredger, cargo handling Equipment, vessels and Floating crafts, under the direction of the superior, create better understanding and relation with worker, colleagues, Management and related department (Preferable in Port construction, cargo handling and Operation sector).

Carrier Summary (27.3 years of experience in Dredging, cargo handling & Port operation):

- Operator cum Maintenance in - charge (SBD & CSD) Gopalpur Port Project, Odisha,), 1988 - 1989.

- Site Engineer, Mechanical (Dredger, vessel & Equipments), GPP, Govt. Odisha ,  1990 - 2004

- Marketing Manager, M/s Srusty Marketing, Odisha (Technical), 2004 - 2006.

- Supervisor Technical (Actuator & Dumper), M/s Furnas Fabrica Limited, Mumbai (Paradeep), 2006 - 2007.

-  Junior Superintendent (Project) Dredging, M/s Gopalpur ports Limited,Odisha as a,  2007 - 2009

- Additional Superintendent (Dredging), M/s Gopalpur Ports Limited, Odisha 2010 - 2014.

-  Superintendent (Dredging), M/s M.Pallonji& Co, Fort, Mumbai, 2015 - till to-day.


- Bachelor Degree in business Administration (Marketing), Brehampur University, Odisha, India in 2011.

- Diploma in Mechanical Engineer from SCTE & VT, Govt. Odisha, India in 1987

- HSC (Science), BHSE, Odisha, India in 1982.

Additional qualification:

- Diploma in Export Management from IIEM, Bangalore, India in 2001.

- Intermediate in Arts, Khalikote Collage (BU, Odisha) in 1983.

- Prathamic, Praramvica & Paribash, Hindi Rastra Bhasa Parisad, Mumbai, India in 1979.

Organizational Experience (End to end operation):

- Pre- operational Queries and Business development.

- Selection of Equipments.

- Planning & execution.

- Precaution SOLAS and safety talks and presentation.

- Liaising with deptt of Govt, semi Govt, Private and public sector for Documentation.

- Positioning and deployment Purchase and De-mobilization etc.

- Deployment of Equipment’s, crew & labour’s as per schedule.

- Environment & Pollution by EMS to solve Environment problem above benthic zone and coastal village.

- Maintenance of Stock & store (fuel, spares & materials).

Key deliverable and responsible:

On and off shore Operation, Monitoring and Management of all type of

a) Dredgers: SBD, CSD, TSHD, Back-hoe, Grab, Suction pump etc.

b) Equipments: Vessel, Boats, Tug, Crane, Excavator, Grab, Dumb Barge, Pontoon, Jack-up, Self barge, Vehicle, Fork Lift, Bob cot, Pay-loader, Dozer, Hydra,  Road roller etc

1. Technical:

- Repair, Maintenance, fabrication and Erection.

- Day to day maintenance and routine check-up.

- Dry-docking & un- docking.

- Gauging and estimation.

- Sand blasting & Painting.

2. Dredging (Rock, Sand, Clay, Mud and Salty in Indian port Sea, River, Channel, Pond and Berth etc):

- Monitoring and Operation of Dredger and dredge material disposal.

- Monitoring the survey work as per maneuvering area.

- Check & Billing survey (bathy or Hydrographic).

- Navigation marked to Dredging area as per ATON process.

- Maintenance planning and spot modification to avoid interruption of dredge operation.

- Disposal of materials through pipe line, Transportation and rain bow process.

- Pipe line lying (under water & Land).

3. Port Operation and cargo Handling:

-Managing the movement of Equipment and Placement.

-Maintaining coordination with different Department and authorities for gaining success operation.

-Obtaining immigration permission of staff and equipment’s repartition.

-Intra- port transportation, Road, Rack loading and un- loading.

-Monitoring and fixing of buoys as per ATON procedure for smooth movement of vessel.

4. Documentation& Team Management:

- Preparation of initial Performa/ documents for Vessel calling and sailing.

- Estimation & cost calculation of OPEX and CAPEX as per company budget.

- Preparation of DPR, MIS, the statement of facts for submission to the appropriate authority.

 - Preparation of Intra Office Notes, Log book, Stock & Store as per requirement.

-  Keeping a record day to day for Production, Movement, loading and unloading.

- Preparation of Material Indent and coordinate with concern department and follow-up for procurement.

- Co-ordination with concerned department for obtaining of R/A and final bill as per survey and utilizing measurement and Hrs.

-Preparing final disbursement account for Dredger, equipment and vessels.

 - Arrangement of vessel and Equipment documents.

- Leading the team members for ensuring to smooth O & M.


- In vital situation (i.e. Rough sea, High wind and High Tide) Monitoring and maintenance work of dredger and cargo handling has been done.

- In spite of unfavorable condition dredging work was continued in my own obligation because it was the demand of Port.

- Submitted satisfied query in different operation activities and cost calculation as per company benefit.

- Appear other syndicates conference to solve O & M problems.

- Docking, undocking and painting of Dredger, vessel and maintenance of equipment’s activities have been coordinated in a proper engineering manner in many critical cases.

- Procurement and supplying of different types of Machinery, Pumps and equipment to Port, PH, under taking Govt and Private deptt, Ganjam, Odisha in time.

- Successful Manufacturer of country boats and supply to Administration of Ganjam, Odisha for River use.

- Critical Under water salvages Operation and successes.

- Target Oriented and fulfill the company ambition.

Co-ordination & Working with:

Foremost Company: Gopalpur Port Project, Govt of Odisha, M/s Gopalpur Ports Limited, Odisha, , M/s Orissa stevedors Limited ,Orissa, M/s Srusty marketing, Odisha, FFL(Mumbai), M/s M.pallonji & Co Pvt Ltd, (Mumbai). 

(Port Operation): M/s J M boxi (Mumbai), M/s Jindal steel, M/s Hindal Co (Burla) Odisha, M/s Jayashree Chemical  ,Odisha,  M/s Tanka Impex (TN), M/s L M Hatti, Orissa,

(Dredging): ), Tata Power(Trombay),  MDL(Mumbai), MBPT(Mumbai), M/s Sea Craft Ltd, M/s Siemens, Hyderabad, M/s Tebma, M/s Navauyga Engineering, M/s Safe Way Dredging (TN), M/s , M/s Sawaidin Marine Services , Mumbai, M/s IDS , Mumbai, M/s Ocean Sparkel Limited, Hyderabad, M/s Pragati Marine, Mumbai, Mercator (Mumbai), Sahara Dredging (Mumbai), Maldar Dredging(Mumbai), Rock & Rife Dredging(Mumbai) etc from 1988 to till the date.


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