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Stevedoring and Terminal Operations Specialist/Container Vessels, Break Bulk and Dry Bulk Vessels


Planning, coordinating and supervising stevedoring and terminal operations to prevent damage to cargo, achieve terminal productivity and safety goals and assure customers satisfaction for vessels scheduled to load/discharge the following cargo:

• Dry Bulk and Break Bulk/Project Cargo: Raw Steel products (Ingot, Slab, Bloom, Billet), Finished Steel products (Hot-rolled coils, Cold-rolled coils, Coiled wire rod , Profiles , Channels, Angles / Bulbs , Plate, Girders, Reinforcing bars (re-bars), Small-diameter pipes, Large-diameter pipes, Coated steel pipes, Sheet piling), Forest Products, Food Products, Wood Boxes and Crate, Machinery, Parts, Oversized Load , Pallets, Bags, Sacks and Bales, Drums, etc.

• Containers: Dry (FCL, LCL, Empty), Reefers, Tanks


Employment History

May 2014 till present

Jacintoport-Seaboard Marine Cargo Handler

Port of Houston, Texas

Accomplishments: Significantly contribute to Stevedoring/Terminal Operations efficiency and productivity

Responsibilities range from properly selecting and combining lifting equipments/gear (slings/ropes, chains, cables, hooks, spreader bars, shackles, wire, cargo nets, etc.) to safely and efficiently assure Break-bulk/Dry Bulk and Container vessels loading/discharging operations according to Unit Cargo loading/discharge Guides, Bay/Stows Plan, Vessel Manifests and Booking List, ensuring adequate cargo lifting, shifting, stowing and securing, operations, following operations procedures and safety rules to maintain flawless vessels stevedoring

April 2012-September 2012

Iver Ships B.V Associate Marine Commercial Operator

Barendrecht, The Netherlands


• Significantly improved chartered vessels commercial operations and vessels financial results, supporting strategic decisions-making in both Chartering and Operations Departments: 95%+

• Outstanding contribution to voyage accounting, commercial performance analysis, demurrage analysis and claims settlement, etc.: 100%

Among other duties: estimating/budgeting Tankers voyage, monitoring movement and commercial performance, recommending strategies to improve voyage final results, preparation of cargo and bunkering instructions, profit and loss reports, invoicing freight, vessels on/off hire, optimum bunkering port selection, vessels demurrage analysis, invoicing, negotiation and claims settlement

September 2008-September 2010

SOBEMAP Assistant Terminal Operations Manager

Port of Cotonou-Benin West Africa


? Decrease labor cost per supervised stevedoring operations and improve vessels turnarounds

? Maintain a safe working environment, minimize damage to cargo, operations-related accident and incidents, while increasing efficiency, and support a high level of customer service

? Improvement to vessels stevedoring and terminal operations efficiency: 94%+

? Achieve customers (steamship lines, shippers/consignees, etc.) satisfaction: 98%+

? Compliance with and improvement to operations and commercial procedures:100%+

? Enforcement and promotion of Safety Culture, Rules and Policies:100%+

? Improvement to terminal traffic assurance: 98%+

? Improvement to cargo delivery procedures and customer satisfaction:97%+

SOBEMAP is a Marine Terminal Operator specialized in handling Dry Bulk and Break bulk/Project Cargo Vessels, and Containers Carriers together with agency services. Among other accountabilities:

Daily Operations

• Planning, coordinating and supervising stevedoring and terminal operations from beginning to end, following Company's Operations, Safety, Health, and Environmental procedures, Port Authority policies, Surveyors and Inspectors requirements

• Coordinating cargo delivery operations to consignees following Company's commercial and operations procedures

Oversee all Dry Bulk & General Cargo (Bagged Grains, Fertilizers, Containers, Forest Products, Iron and Steel products, Oversized Machinery, etc.) Stevedoring and Terminal operations from planning, coordination and supervision till effective completion,

• Planning

? Preparation of Loading/Unloading Plans including Instructions per type of cargo (Dry Bulk cargo, Break Bulk/Project cargo, Containers), Unit Cargo Loading/Unloading List, Day and Night Gangs as well (crews to work at docks, onboard), lifting Equipment/Gear needed per Gang (mobile shore/ship cranes, forklifts, slings, wire ropes, chains, twist-locks, shackles, cargo nets, spreader bars, baskets, etc.)

? Setting up of loading/discharging rate according to contracted terms, taking into account gear, lifting devices WLL/SWL, Breaking Strength, Safety Factor,

? Estimating operations duration according to received vessels' stow/bay plans requirements, drawn and approved Loading/Unloading Plans, and vessel's seaworthiness issues, facility capacity

? Liaison with Port Authority, Towing and Tugging Companies, Surveyors, and paperwork preparation for vessels calling and clearance operations

? Vessel Arrival, Departure and Cargo Availability notices updating to Freight Forwarders and Yard Supervisor to schedule and coordinate cargo pickup and/or delivery appointments

? Preparations of Operations Risks Guide including possible mitigation measures

• Coordination and Supervision

? Boarding vessels on arrival and attending clearance prior to loading/unloading operations

? Sending Walking and Hatch Foremen and Cargo Checkers loading/unloading files (Bay/Stow Plans Reports, Loading/Unloading Plans and Instructions, Gangs and Equipment Sheets, Unit Cargo Loading/Unloading List)

? Supervision of employees assigned to loading/unloading operations and ensuring effective compliance with Safety Rules, estimated loading/discharging rates, minimize damage to cargo

? Directing trucks/chassis traffic to ensure flawless terminal throughput services

? Data entries and statistics updating considering Daily Activity Reports/Docks Tallies, Yards Reports (received/delivered cargo, consolidated cargo, cross-docked cargo, etc), mates receipts, O.S. & D Reports and Protocols, updating final Stowage Plan and release it to the ship's Captain

? Continued updates sending to customers for cargo receiving/delivery issues

? Receiving Cargo delivery files, Checking accuracy in documents (Endorsed B/L, Delivery Order, Cargo Clearance Confirmation, invoices settlement, etc.) and reporting discrepancies or missing to Ship Agencies/Steamship Lines , Freight Forwarders and Marine Terminal Manager

? Preparation of port and terminal logs including stevedoring invoices

? Preparation of Efficiency/Cost-Effectiveness KPIs files for analysis and quarterly presentation to Board of Directors and Managers including recommendations to support strategic decision-making, improve services and customer satisfaction rates

? Restructuring gangs as need be to ensure efficiency and productivity

? Documenting labor and submission of employees payroll

July 2003-May 2008

INTER SEAS Ports Operations Supervisor

Port of Cotonou-Benin/West Africa


• Oversee Dry Bulk, Break Bulk and Container vessels stevedoring and terminal operations for efficiency and productivity performance results, and keep principals, third parties, shippers/consignees updated

• Efficiency in coordinating Import/Export operations and handling Account Receivable (A/R) and Account Payable (A/P), and related Settlement Manifest, ensuring customer satisfaction

• Ensure compliance with vessels port stay timelines, import/export Standard Operating Procedures

• Ensure on time communication and submission of paperwork and required forms following vessels port call schedules, planning and timelines, and proper tendering of NOR

• Significantly reduce vessels elapse time, vessels waiting time in particular, improve Grade of Waiting ratio, Berth Working Time Ratio and actively supported Sales & Commercial department, keeping track of cargo deliveries against both Shipping and Sales Terms fulfilment

• Accurately prepared, processed and negotiated Freight Rate and Quotation, submit Port Disbursements (PA) and Port Logs, etc.


• September 2010 – April 2012: Professional Degree of Master in “Shipping and Transport” with Honourable Mention, Major in Ocean Transportation, Vessels Chartering and Post-Fixture Operations, Stevedoring Operations and Port Management, Netherlands Maritime University of Applied Sciences /NMU Rotterdam

• September 2002 – September 2006: Master Degree in “Transport Economics”, Major in Maritime Studies and Multi-modal Transportation, Benin National University, Cotonou-West Africa



• Decreasing labor cost while restructuring gangs to maximize operations efficiency and improve vessels Docks Working Time Ratio

• Determining the right gear, equipment, materials and supplies needed for safe and efficient terminal operations and vessels loading/discharging

• Supervising unionized/non-unionized employees assigned to stevedoring and terminal operations

• Hiring and evaluating terminal employees performance, maintaining positive and productive relations with the labor , ensuring compliance with Company's procedures and policy

• Analysis and presentation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to vessels port calling, stevedoring and terminal operations management to support strategic decision-making

• Coordinating terminals inbound and outbound cargo flows, ensuring customers compliance with Company's Terminal Services and Stevedoring Tariff Guidelines

• Preparing Cargo Statistics and related-terminal services to ensure right Account Receivable

• Planning and Coordinating Vessels Port Calling Operations to reduce laytime, assigned vessels elapse time, improve vessels turnaround and Grade of waiting Ratio

• Processing and negotiation of Quotation Request, invoicing and billing operations following terms

• Budgeting operations, controlling budgets, business analysis from financial statements: Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statements

• Highly skilled to think proactively and strategically, identify and solve efficiency and cost-effectiveness performance bottlenecks, assure customer satisfaction, ensuring compliance with and improvements to operational, commercial procedures, regulatory and contractual terms, etc.

• Broad knowledge of improvement strategies for Vessels Stevedoring and Terminal Operations Efficiency, Cost Savings on assigned stevedoring and Terminal operations as well, gangs (Labor + Equipment) structuring and restructuring per ship gear/mobile shore crane, per assigned vessel,

• Strong understanding of Vessels Stevedoring/Terminal Operations Management Key Performance Indicators and related metrics to evaluate efficiency and cost-effectiveness,

• Strong awareness of Stevedoring and Terminal safety culture, rules and policies enforcement,

• Thoroughly understanding of vessels ports calling procedures and operations management to achieve savings on ports disbursements

• Broad knowledge of shipbroking and chartering language, commodities and ship types, trade routes worldwide, vessels chartering and commercial operations from charterers and owners perspectives to increase ship productivity in both tramp and liner shipping

• Relevant understanding of International freight forwarding (import/export operations) process for ocean transportation, from beginning to end


Houston, TX,
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