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Shore side personnel


To use my at sea experience to help support vessels and their crew from a shore side position.


12 years commercial fisherman Alaska, with 7 Years sailing internationally

Unlimited tonnage 2nd/3rd mate, Ab unlimited, Watch stander, Engineer, Bosun, Deck boss, and deckhand.

Worked for Department of Defense in Iraq 2003-2006 on board roro/lolo vessels

Worked on Oil tanker in Valdez to Pacific Northwest

1991 through 2003 worked as Processor, deckhand, deck boss, Bosun, assistant engineer, relief skipper (F/V’s). 2001 obtained Unlimited AB endorsement. 2008 Obtained unlimited tonnage 2nd/3rd mate license. Contacts among fishing vessel personnel is hard to maintain. Most people have moved on, quit or passed away since my start in the early 90’s. From 1991 through 2003 I worked for 3 different fishing vessels roughly 10 months out of the year. Fishing King Crab, Opilio, Salmon, Pacific Grey Cod, and Pollock.

Premier Pacific Seafood’s (Ocean Phoenix) 333 First Avenue West, Seattle, Washington 98119 Telephone: (206) 286-8584 Nov 2000 through 2003

Bosun, AB unlimited, and DPA (Designated Person ashore)

Conoco Phillip, Marine Division, 600 N. Dairy Ashford, ML-2106. Houston, Texas 7079. April 2006 through Nov. 2010

3rd mate, Ab unlimited, Bosun

SIU Union, D.O.D. (Department of Defense). 3411 South Union Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98409, United States 253-272-7774 .

Bosun, AB unlimited, April 2003- April 2006


Skyline High School

Peninsula College A++ Microsoft certified engineer

PMI Seattle (Pacific Maritime Institute)


Certificate’s held

80 watch keeping (Operations level)

28 Hour Automatic Radar Plotting Aids Course (ARPA)

Radar Observer Original and Renewal

1 Day Visual Communications

35 Hour Ship construction and Basic Stability

16 Hour Search and Rescue (Operations Level)

21 Hour Emergency Procedures (Operations level)

35 hour Cargo Handling and Stowage (Operations Level)

80 Hour Celestial Navigation (Operations Level)

35 Hour Electronic Navigation

40 Hour Tank Ship Dangerous Liquids

35 Hour Meteorology (Operations Level)

35 Hour Medical Care Provider

35 Hour Basic Ship handling

Terrestrial Navigation and Compasses

Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Defense Orientation

Ordnance Handling Equipment

Shipboard Damage control

Small Arms Training

Ordinance Hazardous Awareness

32 Hour Marine Firefighting (Operations Level)

24 Hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency response Operations (Hazwoper) (Operations level)

80 Hour Able Seaman Fishing Industry Vessels

30 hour survival Craft



I have spent 20+ years at sea, I have a positive attitude, hard work ethic, and a passion for life and boats. I enjoy every aspect of being on ships, working in shipyard, and the people involved. I have spent most my career at sea, and am looking forward to being shore side, and passing on the knowledge I have, while helping to further the company I work for, and improving the work environment of the people I work with. As a Bosun on both small and large ships, there really isn't much I haven't done, but if you need more detail then that, I am ready and willing to answer any questions.

Thank you for your time.

San Diego, CA,
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