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shore based marine job

Superintendent / Foreman

Career Objectives: Looking for a shore based job catering to the needs of the maritime industry associated with training and development of aspiring marine professionals or assuming responsibilities of managerial / technical superintendent’s profile. Desire to share my experience in shipping industry for the benefit of the organization, and at the same time give my career a whole new dimension and an opportunity for further career growth by being part of a highly motivated concern.

Professional Timeline:

Chief Engineer in Anglo Eastern Ship Management Ltd. From December 2013 till date


Chief Engineer in Tolani Shipping Pvt. Ltd. From March 2010 to November 2013


Second Engineer in Fleet Management Ltd. From August 2007 to March 2009


Third Engineer in Fleet Management Ltd. From September 2006 to February 2007


Fourth Engineer in Fleet Management Ltd. From March 2005 to August 2005


Fourth Engineer in Univan Ship Management Ltd. From September 2003 to April 2004


Fourth Engineer in Orient Express Ship Management Ltd. From June 2003 to July 2003


Junior Engineer in Orient Express Ship Management Ltd. From October 2001 to April 2002


Highlights on areas of Skills / Responsibilities:


  • Have served onboard as Chief Engineer for 30  months during the last 5 and a half years.
  • Attended vessel dry docking at East London, South Africa.
  • Have witnessed new machinery installations in the capacity of Chief Engineer.
  • Have extensive exposure on central air conditioning and refrigeration plant operation and maintenance.
  • Have attended / prepared vessel for numerous Class, ISM, ISPS, MLC surveys as Chief engineer.
  • Have successfully planned and prepared vessel for PSC inspections all over the world as Chief Engineer.
  • Have successfully resolved various machinery breakdowns all through my carrier.
  • Have developed energy efficiency program onboard complying with company guidelines and different national and international guidelines and regulations.
  • Have considerable exposure in training and appraisal of onboard staff.
  • Take active interest in imparting onboard training which includes theoretical training as well as on spot guidance on practical oriented jobs for all junior officers and general crew as well.
  • Have considerable exposure in public speaking / lecture during onboard training sessions/drills/emergency drills and make such sessions as realistic and interesting as possible.
  • Have liaised with shore based management in drawing up store/spares requisition keeping in mind budgetary constraints.
  • Have effectively co-ordinated with shore workshops in various onboard maintenance/installation jobs .
  • Have extensive exposure in different PMS and set up of similar maintenance schedules.
  • Awarded M-TECH (MARINE) equivalence status from Indian Maritime University (IMU) after passing MEO CLASS I exam.
  • Eligible to use the  Style and Title of “Chartered Engineer [India]” by virtue of Professional Training, Experience and Membership of “Institution of Engineers” (India).



Synopsis of Sea Going Experience

Ship’s Name             Type               Grt     M/E Type       Company                       Rank           From     To


M.V. AM BUCHANAN         BULK CARRIER         43987       B&W 6S50MC-C         AESM                        C/E               29.01.15     18.06.15


M.V. AM BUCHANAN         BULK CARRIER         43987       B&W 6S50MC-C         AESM                        C/E               27.12.13     15.05.14


M.V. PRABHU YUVIKA     BULK CARRIER          39818       B&W 7S50MC-C         TOLANI                    C/E.               20.10.12     10.03.13


M.V. PRABHU YUVIKA     BULK CARRIER          39818       B&W 7S50MC-C         TOLANI                    C/E.               11.02.12     02.06.12


M.V. PRABHU YUVIKA     BULK CARRIER          39818       B&W 7S50MC-C         TOLANI                    C/E.               16.12.10     07.05.11


M.V. PRABHU JIVESH       BULK CARRIER        28718       B&W 6S50MC             TOLANI                    C/E.               08.03.10     07.08.10


M.V. TRITON SEAGULL     BULK CARRIER         31247       B&W 6S50MC-C           FML                         2/E               26.08.08      05.03.09


M.V. SUPER ACE                 BULK CARRIER         15932       MITSUBISHI 5UEC      FML                                       2/E               04.08.07      08.02.08


M.V. SUPER ACE                 BULK CARRIER         15932       MITSUBISHI 5UEC      FML                                       3/E               12.09.06      23.02.07


M.V. SPAR JADE                 BULK CARRIER         18011       MITSUBISHI 6UEC      FML                                       4/E               04.03.05      11.08.05


M.T. MSC GABRIELLA         CONTAINER           13038        MAN K7Z 70/120E                       UNIVAN                    4/E               10.09.03      09.04.04


M.V. X-PRESS KAILASH      CONTAINER           16108         MAN K6SZ 70/150C       OESM                     4/E               10.06.03      21.07.03


M.V. ORIENT VISION            CONTAINER           4802         MAKITA KS 55 6CYL     OESM                     J/E               13.10.01      20.04.02


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