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Ship's Doctor


Medical assistance for crew and passengers


August 1989 – July 1991 Black Sea Marine Hospital medical doctor of Ultrasound Diagnostic.

July 1991 – May 1997 Black Sea Marine Hospital Head Doctor of Lithotripsy Department.

May 1997 – December 1997 Chief Doctor m/v Arkadia

December 1997 – November 2000 Black Sea Marine Hospital Head Doctor of Lithotripsy Dep.

November 2000 – September 2001 Chief Doctor m/v Texas Treasure

October 2001 – March 2005 Black Sea Marine Hospital Head Doctor of Lithotripsy Department.

April 2005 – June 2005 ,

October 2005- December 2005 Chief Doctor m/v Delphin

February 2006 till present day Offshore Doctor ENI Group.


1983 Graduated high school

1989 Diploma of Medical Institute with Honour

1990 Certificate of Ship’s Physician

1991 Special training of EL- Modulith system in

Urology and Gastroenterology.

1995 Certificate of Medical Specialist of X-Ray systems

1996 Diploma of Philosophy Doctor in Medicine

2000 Certificate of Medical Specialist in

Ultrasonic Diagnostic

2005 Certificate of BOSIET



Personal Survive

First Aid

Crowd Management


Medical Doctor Experience 17 years

X-ray, ultrasound diagnostic and therapy experience 12 years

Lithotripsy in urology and gastroenterology experience 12 years

Ship’s Doctor Experience 10 years

Offshore Doctor Experience 3 years


I am applying for the position of Chief Doctor or a Crew Doctor.

Have a good experience of job as a medical doctor.

Also as a ship’s Doctor

Medical Doctor worked offshore system.

It is best to contact with me by E-mail

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