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Ship's Captain


I'm seeking a marine related job either aboard or ashore related to my experience. It could be either of them depending on the payments and benefits, as well as work condition. I prefer to get jobs in New Zealand, Australia, USA and Asia. I have no working restriction as I'm getting disconnected from my main fleet on completion of 20 year carrier (retirement) in couple of months. I've applied for permanent residency in New Zealand, have gained the required scores and my case is passing its final steps.



From 1991 till date: IRISL Main Fleet and some other shipping companies.

(Current rank: Ship's Captain - from May 2003)

•Teaching experience (Nautical Sciences & Marine Skills) in private nautical schools.

•More than 3 years experience on Passenger Ferries and Passenger RoRo as chief officer and master.

•Sea experience in different ranks for about 20 years on container ships, general cargo vessels, heavy lift carriers, bulk carries and passenger ferries.



1986-2000: Master ticket (Non-limited), International Certificate of Competency for Master Mariners (STCW95)

Rajendra Training Ship (Mumbai, Cha Bahar International Maritime University (Iran) and IRISL Maritime Institute

2002: PSO Iran (IMO Granted & Malta Endorsed) March 2002.

23 September 1986 – 23 June, 1994

BS in Marine Sciences & Nautical Studies, UK equivalent, acknowledged by NARIC.


Master Mariner: holder of Int. Certificate of Competency for Masters (Non-Limited) STCW 95, issued on 04/03/2002, revalidated on 06/02/2007 by PSCO of Iran -IMO granted- and endorsed by Malta Government. Also holder BS in Marine Sciences & Nautical Studies, UK equivalent, acknowledged by NARIC.




oEnglish (fluent)

(Academic IELTS), Overall Band Score: 7 (May 28Th, 2011: British Council)

oPersian (Mother tongue)

oAzerbaijani (fluent)

oRussian & Turkish (can handle some daily conversations)

•Information technology skill in use of MS office (word, excel, power point, etc) and


•Advanced communicational skill (international standards)

•Advanced Safety & Security management (international standards)

•Advanced fire fighting (international standards)

•Advanced medical care (international standards)

•Crew management and leadership

•Team working and time management

•Also a musician and the first time producer of an English pop/rock music collection in Iran, named “Bloom” (released in Sept 2009)


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