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Shipbuilding Inspector

Engineer  / Naval Architect

Position: Site Supervisor                                                          Location:  Vung Tau Vietnam                                                     Duration: August 2016 – June 2018                                        Employer: Topaz Energy & Marine    
Main Responsibilities: Working close with Class Organization site office; QA/QC; design and management departments of the shipyard. Checking design drawings and plan approval. Inspection and testing of hull, pipe, outfitting and machinery as per inspection and testing plan. Safety Patrol inspection and reporting to Site Mange. Attending on inclining test and sea trials of 7x 123m LOA Module Carriers Vessels DNVGL

Position: Hull, Pipe & Outfitting Supervisor                            Location: Nanjing China                                                             Duration: 2013 – 2015                                                                Employer - Vroon B.V.
Main Responsibilities:  Checking design and plan approval. Attending on inspections and testing of pre-assembly and assembly of hull blocks, pipe and outfitting prefabrication and installation. Inspection of erection fit up and welding of blocks and the slipway. Tank testing and integrity inspection. External inspection of subcontractor prefabrication workshops.  Attending on safety and production meeting with shipyard. Attending and recordingLightweight and Inclining experiment and Sea Trials of 6X50M ERRV ABS and 1X3500 DWT Bitumen Tanker -BV Class Org.

Position: Deputy Site Manager & Site Supervisor             Location:  Vietnam; China; Taiwan                                                   
Duration: 2009-2013                                                              Employer: XT Holding Group
Main Responsibilities:   Checking ship’s design and approval of working drawings. Working close with Class Org. ABS/DNV site office. Coordination shipbuilding process with yard managers, QA/QC, design and supply departments. Attending on inspection and testing in Hull, Pipe and Machinery workshops. External inspection and shop tests in subcontractors and manufacture sites. Attending on inclining tests and sea trials of: 4xCamsamax; 2xAframax Bulk Carriers - ABS Class ;2x1500 TEU Container Vessel ABS Class and 1x300 000 DWT Crude Oil Tanker Vessel DNV Class Org.

Position: Hull/Outfitting & Pipe Foreman                                  Location:  St. Nazaire -France                                                          
Duration:  2006 – 2009                                                                 Employer:  Aker Yards             
Main Responsibilities:  Coordination and supervision of building hull and outfit for MSC passenger ships. Main duties in hull/pipe and outfitting workshop and Dry Dock. Reporting to project manager 

Position: Hull/Outfitting & Pipe Foreman                                     Location:  Gibraltar                                                        
Duration:  2002 – 2005                                                                   Employer:  GibDock Gibraltar

Main Responsibilities: Coordination of ship repair and ship conversation works in Dry Dock and workshop. Safety inspection and control of ship-repair activities. Reporting to shipyard and dock managers.

Varna, Varna,
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