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Ship Tech. Manager, Senior Tech Superintendent or other Managerial Position.


To work in a challenging & aggressive Managerial Position for a progressive Marine company. To put to use the 35+ years experience in the Marine field and capacity to work hard for the good of the company and self advancement.


* May 2005 – To Date: Elysian Cruise Lines/ Ravenscroft Ship Management, Inc. – Senior Tech. Superintendent Reporting to VP Technical of Organization.

* June 2000 – May 2005: Mariso USA, Inc. – Vice President Reporting to President of Organization.

* Sept’98 – May 2000 : Colonial Marine Industries, Inc.- Tech. Superintendent Reporting to Vice President (Tech) of the Organization.

* Feb’95 - Sept’98: Colonial Marine Industries, Inc. – Tech.

Superintendent (External) Reporting to Vice President (Tech)

of the Organization.

* March'97 - Sept’98 : U. S. Spares, Inc.- Manager Reporting to President of Organization.

* Oct'95 - Feb'97 : Marriott Management Services – Facility

Management & Boiler Engineer Reporting to Manager of

Management at Colgate-Palmolive Research Center.

* Feb'91 - July'93 : Constellation Ship Management, London –

Chief Engineer Reporting to Senior Superintending Engineer of Canada Steamship Lines, Montreal

* Oct'87 - Dec'90 & Feb'76 - July'84 : Barber Ship Management, Hong Kong - Chief Engineer Reporting to Superintending Engineer.

* July'84 - Oct'87 : Excel Heavy Fab Pvt. Ltd. – Technical

Director Reporting to Managing Director of the Company.

* Sept'73 - Feb'76 : Scindia Steam Navigation Company Ltd. –

Fourth Engineer Reporting to Second Engineer of the vessel.


* Diploma in Computer Programming from THE CHUBB INSTITUTE,

Parsippany, New Jersey - 1994

* Chief engineer (Motor), Unlimited Horse Power, Foreign

Going Marine Engineer, First Class, Dept. of Trade &

Industry, London, U. K.

THE POPLAR COLLEGE, London, U. K. - 1978

* Graduated with Major in Marine Engineering.


* Additionally obtained Practical course work also

comprised of Shipbuilding and Ship Repair in Marine

Shipyard and Marine Workshops.



* Marine Engineer, 1 st Class,U. K., Chief Engineer (Motor), Unlimited Horse Power.

* EPA, U. S. A., HVAC and Refrigeration Universal Certificate.


Disciplined, Adaptive, Motivated, Self Starter, Able Administrator, Exceptional Communication Skills, Proven Ability to work with people of different cultural backgrounds and non-English speaking people.


* May 2005 – To Date : Elysian Cruise Lines/Ravenscroft Ship

Management, Inc. – Senior Tech. Superintendent.

- Joined the company as a Tech. Superintendent and later

promoted to Senior Tech Superintendent.

- Complete Tech management of two company owned Cruise Ships

comprising of Deck, Engine and hotel Technical except for

commercial, HR, accounts and concessionaires.

- Maintained the vessels up-to-date with Class, Flag, ISM and SMS regulations. Kept the stipulated arrival and departure schedules without any down-time in their 7 day cruises.

- Carried out the entire repairs, dry-docking, refurbishment

and budgeting during their winter lay-ups including one major refurbishment of USD 7.5M in Argentina. Presently handling the management of two of company’s cape-size OBOs and one laid up cruiser.

* June 2000 – May 2005 : Mariso USA, Inc. – Vice President

- Brought recognition to the company as the prime supplier of Ship’s spares among the Ship owners and Ship Management


- Executed various projects such as “complete assistance to the vessels under repair in China” or “ Production of major items in tune with the customer’s need”, thus increasing the company revenue.

- Increased company sale 3 times within 3 years by making the company acceptable to the end users.

* Feb ’95 - Sept’98 and Sept‘98 – May 2000 : Colonial Marine

Industries, Inc.- Tech. Superintendent (External and Full)

- Initially handling complete ship management of three vessels coming to US east coast including trouble-shooting except for budgeting and drydocking until full time vacancy was available.

- Handling complete shipmanagement of five vessels including trouble-shooting, budgeting and drydocking.

* March'97 – Sept’98 : U. S. Spares, Inc., Florida - Manager Dealing in all Shipboard Equipment worldwide.

- Effectively communicated with the shipping and allied

industry's Purchase Personnel to increase company clientele

by putting forward all the possibilities available to them to overcome their need at reduced cost.

- Sourcing out the best and low cost equipment sufficient for a client's need by doing extensive search with the help of latest computerized techniques.

* Oct'95 - Feb'97 : Marriott Management Services, N. J. –

Facility Management & Boiler Engineer

Marriott managed facility at Colgate-Palmolive Research

Center, N. J.

- Restored back to normal operation, a previously run-down

plant through the neglect of previous management.

- Established Preventive Maintenance Schedule for entire 100

acre facility’s machinery and equipment with special

attention to HP/LP Boilers, 2600 Tons Cooling Chillers,

Gas & and Oil fired Emergency Generators and 20 High

Capacity Fan Rooms.

- Assisted in wiring up the entire facility to a central

computer station to be able to operate it by digital

computerized system.

* Feb'91 - July'93 : Constellation Ship Management, London,

U. K. - Chief Engineer

- Handled very high pressure job of maintenance of Self

unloading Equipment, Discharge of Cargo in ports in

addition to the normal duties of the Chief Engineer.

- Maintained maximum rate of cargo discharge with the

minimum down time by personally being on the plant

throughout the discharge period.

- Carried out the dry-docking and special surveys of every

vessel that I was on.

* Feb'76 - July'84 & Oct'87 - Dec'90 : Barber Ship Management, Hong Kong -

Started as a Third Engineer and advanced professionally to

Second Engineer in 1979 and to Chief Engineer in 1983.

- Reduced company expense through advanced planning of work,

manpower, spares, stores with minimum wastage within

tight schedules. Budgeted $ 1.5 million per year expenses.

- To troubleshoot sticky situations through nationality and

union differences was assigned on four occasions to take

over ships from other companies.

- Adapted quickly to varied procedures of Self-Unloaders,

Car Carriers, Bulk Carriers, Container ships, Refer and

General Cargo ships.

Miami, FL,
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