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ship interiors (shipwright)


Get back to working on floating vessels again


A.R.Larsen Co. Shipwright Galley work 2001-2005 15040 NE 95th st. Redmond Wash. 1425-861-8868 install all galley equipment refurbishing Washington state ferry boats including bulkhead walls door frames and windows dropped ceilings lights and all diffrent joiner fastening systems for ships read print layouts Maritime services Inc. 1999-2001 541-386-1010 istall and repair bulkhead walls on cruise ships in port drop ceilings joiner systems all sorts of diff. repairs to ships interiors calalina express boats also long beach transit boat at Nichols Bros. ship yard in Washington state




knowledge of all hand tools also have worked with diffrent tyoes of wood and materials pertaining to boats


Been around boats for more than twenty years prior similiar work in Seattle boat yard

Los Angeles, CA,
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