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Ship Engineer

Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew
    Career Summary:

Chief Unlimited Licensed, 1a/e, 2a/e and 3a/e Engineer, Chief Engineer (Limited Near coastal) of Motor vessels Any HP. with more than 16 years in the maritime industry with experience working on tankers, containers, grain, Sulphur and military ships and performing repairs and maintenance on units from auxiliaries to main engines, winches, compressors, cranes, all operating equipment and machineries on board the vessels; very familiar with all departments of operations including DP thrusters, AZIPODS, HIPAP,RO, mechanical, pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical, sewage platform, Lube and fuel oil purifiers, evaporators, boilers, refrigeration and automated consoles etc.

Chief Engineer Unlimited License Motor.

Gas Turbine 1a/e, 2a/e. License.


Liberty Maritime     MV Liberty Promise                          5/10/16 / 7-14-16

Maersk L.L.              MV Columbus                                    4/10/16—4/18/16

Crowley Transport, MV Philadelphia Express                  4/25/15- 5/25/15

Central Gulf Lines, MV Green Lake (Car carrier)           09/06/14 _ 12/12/14

American President Line, MV-President Polk (container ship) 05/20/13 – 07/5/13

Responsible for the daily maintenance and operations of the engineering and technical aspects of the vessel as directed by the Cheng, Directly responsible for all work performed in the engine department and for the maintenance of the Main and auxiliaries, Supervise and work in close cooperation with the 2a/e and 3a/e and the unlicensed crew ensuring safe working conditions and on the job training, report to Cheng on the ship, delegate and assign daily work, keeping track of parts inventory, firefighting equipment and ensuring plant upkeep by making sure preventive maintenance is performed, responsible for overseeing the bunkering of fuel and lubrication oils and transferring from or to ship from barge or based facilities.


Maersk L.L.            M/V Kentucky                   7-15-15 / 10-21-15.         

OSG                   MT Nikiski, DL Chemical Tanker.         6-4-14 / 7-23-14

Patriot Contract Services. SLNC PAX (DL, Chemical Tanker) 01-27-2014 – 04-15-2014

Sulphur Carriers Group.  MV-Sheilla McDevitt (Sulphur carrier).         05/2013 – 05/2013

United Maritime Group.  MV-Sheilla McDevitt (Sulphur carrier).         09/2012 – 02/2013                 

Crowley Tankers.        MV-Nat’l Glory.                                                     11/2008 – 02/2009

         oversaw the proper operation, maintenance, upkeep and conditions of the fire room, boilers and auxiliary equipment and machinery, including cargo systems; maintained, monitored and operated boilers

         Tested boiler water chemistry, updated test records and calibrated combustion control equipment, operated evaporators and the maintenance of feed and condensate systems.

         Maintained, repaired and operated auxiliary boilers and appurtenances, propulsion and auxiliary diesel engines, and auxiliary system machinery and equipment, Daily transfers of HFO and Diesel fuel oil.

         Performed maintenance and repairs of HFO and Diesel Oil Purifiers, strainers, heaters, temperature controllers, transfer pumps, heating coils, viscosity control unit, booster pumps and storage tanks; Transfer, tested and documented the quality of fuel oil systems.

         Observed and ensured compliance with all safely, environmental and pollution instructions / procedures; participated in and managed shipboard engineering, fire, and collision drills.


 02/2012 – 05/2012, MSC CIVMAR, USNS SACAGAWEA.

 06/2011 11/2011, MSC CIVMAR, USNS WALLY Shirra.

 11/2010 – 05/2011, MSC CIVMAR, USNS Arctic.

 10/2009 – 12/2009, Intrepid Tankers, Mt-Pelican State.

 04/2008 – 08/2008, Sealift Incorporated, MV-Harriette.

 10/2007 – 11/2007, Maersk L.L. LTC John UD Page.

 06/2007 – 09/2007, AMSEA, Lt Jack Lummus.

 02/2007 – 04/2007, Interoceanic A. S., MV Global Patriot.

 11/2006 – 01/2007, Maersk.L.L. MV Georgia.

   Completed work in various licenses and unlicensed positions in the Engine Department, including proper watch of plant and casualty control procedures; established wok objectives, defined priorities, assigned and completed work individually and as part of a team

   Inspected work and provided corrective recommendations to ensure adherence with all mission objectives / demands and quality control standards; monitored the safe and efficient operation of engineering machinery, equipment and spaces

   communicated verbally and in writing with subordinates, ship management and command; updated logs and reported special events in appropriate reports and logs

   Maintained and repaired engine room machinery and auxiliary equipment; observed engine/fire room repairs and work being done by shipyard or other shore side facilities

   managed water treatment processes of main propulsion engines and auxiliary generators and any other water-cooled engineering systems, potable water, testing and treatment and the storage of bulk lube oil; tested lube oils in various engineering systems and ensured their quality

   Performed machinery overhauls, dismantled machinery and equipment and completed repairs by replacing or fabricating components; oversaw reassembles, tested controls, safeties, shutdowns, and placed fixed equipment in service

   Served as a lifeboat crewmember and a firefighting and emergency response team leader; briefed all personnel on watch of their duties during scheduled drills

   Trained personnel in emergency, safety, first aid, equipment maintenance and repair, shipboard protocols and ship and plant operations procedures; tracked their progress and advised them as needed

   Assessed work needs, selected proper equipment and tools and utilized power, hydraulic, pneumatic and general tools, including oxyacetylene torches to burn and brace refrigerant units and copper tubing.

   Replaced and repaired pumps, motors, compressors, heads, pistons, valves, fuel pumps and other auxiliary components; managed main engines, LM 2500 gas turbines and diesel generators including Mak , Caterpillars, MAN B&W, Wartsila, Caterpillar, Bergen, Sulzer, MAC Generators, Volvo, Phil stick, Daihatsu, Hyundai, Aqua master Azimuth Propulsion, HI Pap Sonar, Dynamic Positioning Thruster and diesel electric plants.

   Administrated maintenance routines on sanitation devices, evaporators, Lube oil and fuel oil purifiers, boilers and incinerators; adjusted intake and exhaust valves settings on generators, replaced fuel pumps, breakers and electrical components.

   Cleaned equipment and machinery and performed upkeep on filters, strainers, coolants, lubricants and refrigerant; managed fuel transfer processes on a daily basis.

   Tracked inventory totals for lube oil and chemicals, parts, tolls and accessories; documented resources need and completed requisition paperwork to ensure needed supplies, parts and equipment were always on hand in adequate numbers.


05/2010 – 09/2010   MSC Civmar USNS Sacagawea

03/2006-05/2006    Amsea, Pfc Dewayne Williams, QMED.

08/2005 – 09/2005   Seabulk tankers, MT Challenger, Chief Pumpman.

05/2005 – 06/2005   Maersk.L.L Sealand Achiever, QMED.

09/2004 – 04/2005   Maritrans Tankers, MT Integrity, QMED.

04/2004 – 06/2003   Oceanships inc, MT Richard Mathiesen, QMED.

05/2003 – 09/2006   Maersk.L.L USNS Red Cloud, GAS TURBINE, QMED.

Performed work as assigned by the licensed Watch Engineer and / or the First Assistant Engineer; completed rounds of the propulsion plant and associated space.

Inspected external spaces under the engine department’s responsibility, including, but not limited to port and starboard distributive passageways, fan rooms, pump room, winch control rooms, deck air compressor space, elevator machinery rooms, chemical locker, bow thruster room and the IG equipment room.

Recorded plant temperatures, pressures, fuel and water meters, shaft revolution counters, water and fuel levels, space temperatures and other data in the engine room log book; reported all abnormal conditions to the Engineer on Watch.

Stood watch on the main propulsion plant and monitored operating equipment; stood assigned w Took soundings and tested water; stood watch by the main console during maneuvers and aided the Watch Engineer as needed.

Performed routine maintenance and repairs as needed; assisted in the taking on and loading off of fresh water, lube oil, fuel oil and with the connecting and disconnecting of hoses.

Implemented firefighting strategies and maintained fire mitigation equipment; initiated firefighting, quality control, emergency, damage control and casualty control procedures when needed.

Ensured compliance with environmental and pollution laws; managed pollution abatement procedures when needed.

Performed other duties as assigned.

Performed maintenance and repairs of HFO and Diesel Oil Purifiers, strainers, heaters, temperature controllers, transfer pumps, heating coils, viscosity control unit, booster pumps and storage tanks; Transfer, tested and documented the quality of fuel oil systems.

Observed and ensured compliance with all safely, environmental and pollution instructions

/procedures; participated in and managed shipboard engineering, fire, and collision drills.


Tanker Engineers D L.

Tankers assist D L.

Leadership Management Certificate.

Safe Gulf, Safe Land USA, IADC Rig Pass.

Sea Survival METS/HUET Inclusive API RP T-7 with Hands on Training Included.

Refrigeration EPA Universal Certification ( HVAC ).

CPR Qualified.

Gas Turbine Course, 80 Hours.

Electrical, Electronic and Control Engineering (Management Level) Course.

Fast Rescue Boats Course.

Vessel and Company Security Officers Course.

Marine High Voltage Safety Course.

Tank Ship Liquefied Gases, Liquefied Gas Tanker (Membrane) Cargo Operations Simulator Course.

US Coast Guard Approved Tank Ship Liquefied Gases Course (ABS Consulting Approved. SIGTTO LNG Addendum Material.                                                                                   Engine Room Resource Management.

American Airlines Flight Attendant Training.


Unlicensed Program, Seafarers Harry Lundeberg School of Seamanship, Pitney point, MD, 2000.

Licensed Program, Star Center, American Maritime Officers, Dania beach, FL, 2006.


SECRETARY OF DEFENSE MEDAL for the GLOBAL WAR ON TERRORISM, the medal symbolizes the honor and achievement of civilians with the Department of Defense to defend freedom against danger that may develop on foreign soil, On behalf of a grateful Nation 25-MAY-2011

United State Merchant Marine Expeditionary Award for contribution supporting American and International coalition military forces in Operations during freedom and Iraqi Freedom, from USNS RED CLOUD, 11-12-2003.

Achievement & Devotion for demonstrating an extraordinary achievement with M-16 rifle by having the highest shooting score of the battalion, 01-30-1976.


Proficient with NS5, Oracle, SAMM, Logbook, Ship Clip and MS Office.

Credentials include Chief Engineer Unlimited, 1a/e, 2a/e and 3a/e Motor & gas Turbine Engineers License, Unlimited any horsepower.

Chief engineer (Limited near Coastal) of motor Vessel Any HP.

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