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Ship Building / Repairs, Hull Production.


Warship Overseing team Hull related jobs,

Asst. Manager Fire Safety Department,

Refit Co-ordinator Hull related works.


Professional Experience

10 years experience on board various Indian Naval Ships and Establishments as a Middle level manager in ship’s refits and overseeing ship construction activities at shipyards, administration, planning and maintenance of various Hull structure and equipment.

INS Gomati - Normal Refit at Naval Dockyard (Mumbai)

(Shipbuilding industry)

Mar 2004 - Feb 2005 (11 months)

Job title: Refit Coordinator Hull related jobs.

? Basic function & scope:

-Overall responsibility for the Hull works of the project he is assigned to.

-Coordination of the work for a particular project representing the yard to customer representative & staff.

Work performed:

• Responsible for all repair & maintenance of Hull related works on board.

• Recognised as an expert with vertical specialisation in preparing the hull defect list, bill of material & costing for ship’s refits, supervising the refit proceedings at Naval or Commercial shipyards for best output.

• Supervising works concerning to Docking & Undocking of ship’s in Grave / Floating docks. Checking the dock blocks in accordance with the docking plan. Prior to docking stability, preparation of dock floor, maintenance & ballasting / de-ballasting of cessions / dock gates and watering / de-watering processes.

• Once ship arrive leaded a work shop team on board.

• Clarification with ship staff of any unclear items.

• Identification on board specified works with the work shop team.

• Supervising works concerning to plate cropping & renewal of Ship structure in dock floor.

• Supervising works concerning to grit blasting of Underwater Hull and applying of paint scheme of ship in Docking.

• Supervising works concerning to erection and maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plants on board ships. Experienced in care & maintenance of STP systems for optimum performance.

• Working on load testing & safety during operation & maintenance of Ships Anchor, chain cable and associated fittings.

• Operation, Maintenance & repair of all lifting appliances like Heavy duty cranes, boat davits, Deck cranes, Derricks, Capstans & Anchor Windlass. Experienced in periodic survey and load testing of the above equipment and RAS gears.

• Ensuring a clean habitability by effective supervision of care & periodic maintenance of Ventilation / Air conditioning system of ship. Working on aesthetic improvements in / around living spaces.

• Executing quality control measures at deferent stages of ships. Monitoring adherence to quality standards during ship refit activities. Looking into the quality of material, workmanship & production activities.

• Preparation final report of repair for approval.


Course Institution Year %age

Diploma in Navy Shipwright School, 2001 70.72

Ship Construction Indian Navy,

and Visakhapatnam

Naval Architecture

Diploma in State Board of Technical 1997 70.55

Mechanical Engineering Education & Training. Andhra Pradesh

Intermediate The Co operative 1994 58.40 Junior Collage

10th Class Zilla Parishath 1992 65.00 High School




(Military industry)

Aug 2005 — July 2009

Warship Overseeing Team

Job title: Overseeing Team Hull related jobs.

Work performed:

• Overseeing construction of Naval ships in Naval & Commercial shipyards at various stages of construction.

• Checking the parameters for acceptability by the naval authorities. Possesses professional skills and know how on the methods of ship’s construction & ship drawing and various systems.

• Supervising all types of welding & cutting operations pertaining to ship construction.

• Paint technology, Paint application, handling, mixing and storing of components.

• Causes & preventive techniques to fight corrosion using periodic hull survey, correct techniques of surface preparations, use of advanced paint schemes and painting techniques, sacrificial anodes, care & maintenance of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) systems on entire structure of the ship.

• Executing quality control measures at deferent stages of ships. Monitoring adherence to quality standards during ship construction activities. Looking into the quality of material, workmanship & production activities.

• Functioning as a qualified Inspector in Non Destructive Tests (NDT) with adequate experience in Liquid die penetrate test, Radiography test, Gama ray test, Magnetic particles test and Ultrasonic sound test.

• Managing the supervision, Training and maintenance of Fixed and Portable Fire Fighting & Damage Control equipment and installation onboard ship. Skilled in undertaking preventing actions for minimising casualties.

• Planning and budgeting administration expenses and working towards minimising operational expenses.

• Liaising with units, government departments and regulatory authorities for resolving critical matters and ensuring compliance with various statutory acts.

• Handling the administration of performance management programme including periodic performance reviews and appraisal for staff members.


Asst. Manager of Fire and Safety Department

Being as part of senior management Safety Team was responsible to led, manage, control and co-ordinate all aspects of the Safety Requirements as per Indian Naval safety standards and safe working procedures.

• Under take daily onboard safety activities.

• Developed / Conducted Fire safety Induction Training Program.

• Developed Site Security Plan.

• Developed Work Permit System.

• Conduct Fire Fighting Equipment Inspection and Certification criteria.

• Developed Safe Work Procedure for all work activities especially in cutting / welding area.

• Take remedial action on identified hazards and prepare reports.

• Prepare monthly Safety Statistics.

• Prepare Accident / Incident and Near Miss Report.

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh,
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