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service Engineer


Seeking a challenging position where my skills, aptitude and

experience as a technical engineer/service co-ordinator can be utilised.



As Section In-charge in the Indian Navy

Electrical/Electronics Sections which includes responsibilities like

the Testing, Tuning, Calibration, Repair/ Maintenance routines and

rectification of various equipments, such as: -

• MF/HF, V/UHF/ Tx / Rx (Communication Systems)

- 2 -

• Navigational Radars

• Kashtan (Broadcasting System) 8500 Watt PA System, Desk

top operating with stand alone EPABX

• Telephone Exchange ( E P A B X BPL SIGA HBX)

• Direction Finder

• LCD projection system

• Fire Detection & Alarm (Analog & Digital)

Presently working with the marine electronics and navigation

system Pvt,Ltd (Visakhapatnam as service engineer ) since July 06.

Experience gained on equipments:-

Bridge master radar

Gyro compass

Saab tank radar sum-21

Ships Speed logs

Echo sounders

Auto pilot systems



1. Installation of BME with CTD Interface on board Indian naval ships 05 (five) numbers.

2. Repair work of SAAB tank radar carried out on board various SCI vessels.

Installation and commissioning of auto pilot Navipilot V HSC/LMP HSC on board DCI 02 (Two) numbers.

3. Repair job of gyro MK-37, SR 120,SR 220, on board ICG ships and SCI vessels.

4. Repair job of ships speed log EM-200 carried out on board Indian naval ship.

Installation of AIS Nauticast on board Indian Naval Ships.

5. Attended calls for repair various GPS on board SCI merchant vessels


• Graduation

• Matriculation



Undergone 70 weeks of Professional Training at Electrical

Engineering Institute of Indian Navy at Valsura (Jamnagar). Details

are as follows:-

• Electrical Mechanic Radio Training

• Advanced Mechanical Radio Training

• Technical Administrative Training

• Certificate course in electrical controls (Foremen Training

Institute Bangalore)


ability to work on any marine electrical/electronics equipment.

* To provide Specialised Service to the clients in Radio & Instrumentation fields.

* To deal with new installations & back-up service support and related Planning and implementation.


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