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Senior Mechanical Engineer


Apply mechanical, electrical, software, and leadership skills in automation, data acquisition, control systems, and measurement tools (SCADA).


Senior Mechanical Engineer with electrical and software skills acquired through further study and experience. “Hands-on” expertise designing custom measurement, data acquisition, and automation tooling. Further expertise with research, design, manufacturing, troubleshooting and failure analysis of electro-mechanical devices. In house development, as well as managing product transfers to outside partners and providing field support. Co-Author patent #6460990.

1988 to 2009: Hewlett-Packard (HP)

• Control systems and servo motion (various sensors; DC servo, stepper, & hybrid motors)

• Experienced with PLCs, pneumatics, custom assembly fixtures, and arbor presses

• Writing software for human machine interfaces and graphic signal processing for tooling, testing and/or controlling products (similar to SCADA systems; communications using serial, USB, network/Lan, and PCI systems); data used for statistical modeling and Pass/Fail criteria

• Automated adjustment tooling, and product assembly verification/performance tests

• Innovative measurement & calibration tools for quantifying vibrations, displacements, accelerations, pressures, loads, power consumption, and other parameters (tools improved product reliability during research & production). Design work includes ME, EE, and software.

• Troubleshooting & failure analysis to find root cause and resolve electro-mechanical, structural, sensor, thermal, material, and other issues (collaborating with worldwide partners); familiar with microscopic photography, Scanning Electron Microscopes, X-ray, Ultrasound, spectrum analyzers, & cross-sectioning techniques. Experienced working in lab, production, and field.

• Electrical wiring, basic circuit design, EMI reduction, and evaluating signal integrity

• Evaluating accuracy/repeatability of magnetic & optical encoders, LVDTs, vision systems, lasers, load cells, accelerometers, capacitive, optical, and hall effect sensors

• Set up, document, train, & support production equipment/processes (USA, and overseas)

• Managing/leading internal & external teams developing custom “wireless” data acquisition methods and developing circuits to meet program power goals (without a custom ASIC)

• Software to parse, filter, and analyze vibration, displacement, servo, force, and “wireless” communication data; FFT algorithms to reduce spectral leakage and improve repeatability

• Managing/leading internal and external international teams to set objectives and deliver multiple complex electromechanical products to production (teams include: mechanical, electrical, embedded software, chemists, physicists, marketing, procurement, field service, & legal)

• Proficient with mechanical and analysis tools: mill, lathe, drill press, welding, soldering, metal forming, borescopes, oscilloscopes, multi-meter, function generator, and hand tools

• HP representative resolving contract issues with customers and suppliers (USA and overseas)

• Gauge R&R and repeatability tests to certify measurement systems for research and production

• Mentoring and training less experience colleagues (managers/engineers/production workers)

• Statistical data analysis and system modeling including tolerance stacking and experimentation (DOE/Taguchi) to indentify critical performance parameters and translate them into part, assembly, and product specifications; results also used to determine best design paths

• Knowledge transfer to other organizations (presenting data to all levels of employees from management to production workers; technical and non-technical; USA and overseas)

• Complex part and tool design using plastic/metal molding, sheet metal, elastomers, castings, CNC, EDM, turning, grinding, rapid proto, water-jet, and other processes

• New product introduction, volume increases, and resolving factory, part, supplier and field service issues (working with international internal & external partners/suppliers/technical teams)

• Life testing products and cost reduction concepts to assure reliability and quality

• Multitasking between field support, production support, and product development

1986 to 1987: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Technician for the Hydro Electric Design Center Turbine Section; turbine power output up to 136,000 hp).

• Using non-dimensional analysis to asses hydro-turbine power output and efficiency

• Modeling and instrumentation to resolve turbine blade positioning errors

• Drawing and specification reviews for functionality and conformance

• Modifying and upgrading computer models used with hydro turbine design

1985: Douglas County PUD (Wells Dam)

• Assisting with ultrasound and welding on turbine cavitation maintenance

• Assisting with plant maintenance, fire-system inspections, and inventory

Grade and High School (summers):

• Delivering newspapers for the Wenatchee World

• Mowing 25 to 35 lawns per week and various landscaping projects

• House sitting (caring for homes, pets, and gardens while families vacationed)

• Construction work including framing, fencing, wiring, siding, plumbing, roofing, concrete placement, and soil compaction

• Servicing bicycles, lawn mowers, and other equipment

• Truck driving for in-state fruit deliveries,

• Many other “odd jobs”


• MS - Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering (3.81 GPA)

1994 Washington State University (Vancouver, WA)

• BS - Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering (3.79 GPA; cum laude)

• Minor in Mathematics

1988 Washington State University (Pullman, WA)


Registered Professional Engineer

Co-Author & awarded patent #6460990


Technical Skills: Data acquisition & analysis (similar to SCADA systems), sensors, servo motors, control systems, Visual Basic, HP-Vee, 3D CAD, statistical system modeling & tolerance stacking, DOE, Taguchi, oscilloscopes, borescopes, function generators, MS Office, GD&T, Gauge R&R, design for manufacturability, part design, non-dimensional analysis, 6-Sigma, Cp/Cpk, FMEA, SPC, PLCs/ladder logic, FEA, Python, C, IT, technical project management and leadership


Cycling, running, hiking, basketball (and other sports), home improvement, driving, automobiles, volunteering at a local hospital, learning Mandarin, Amateur Radio KD7ACO

Camas, WA,
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