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Senior Management


An UAE resident ,experience in developing strategic options, analyzing new technique in Shipping & Logistics/Vessel Operations/Transport/Warehouse/Distribution/supply chain management , enhanced skills, cost control, with professional qualification in Management.


Assignment: Chartering and Project Carrier 2008 – 2009

Term: General Manager

Company: Prime Universal Shipping Limited.

Activities: Vessel operators/Charterers in handling of project cargo (specialized in Wind Mill Equipment, Power Plant and ODC)

Key Responsibilities: Sales & Marketing, Chartering, Operations, Finance & Accounts & Administration.

Established Shipping Company in Hong Kong with team of qualified professionals in chartering & vessel operators for handling project cargo globally with a volume of over 300,000 CBM in a year.

? Sales & Profitability: Take on key role in annual business plans, market analysis, source of project cargo and dealing with Ship-brokers, marketing agencies to perform CoA’s. for the top 10 clients to transport globally wind Mill and power plant equipment, ODC & General Cargo.

? Chartering: Manage with Chartering Dept. & establish goals to increase volumes, examine voyage estimates, fixture notes, voyage instructions, appointment of Port agents and super cargo, surveyors, freight collections, recap the charter party terms with Head owners, steaming bunkers and negotiate forwarding rate with Bunker Suppliers.

? Operations: Design & drive overall performance and proactive initiatives in dealing competence in operations to load maximum volume of cargo. Verification of Port disbursement accounts, stevedores, Bunker Suppliers/Insurance & other Logistics service providers of all post fixture jobs.

? Finance & Accounts: Control and guide the accountability in all voyage operations ascertain cost control, variance analysis; comply with local regulations for audit and other statutory requirement. Support monthly closing procedures, periodical report on receivables/payable/Head Owner’s accounts, insurance claims.

? Administration: Establish new office with all infrastructures, recruitment of manpower; organize with legal consultancy to register lease agreements for office and residential premises, obtaining work permits/visas for expatriates, participating with shipping and investment organizations. Implementing new techniques to utilize the staff in key areas to acquire maximum output.

? Achievements: Increased efficiency & capitalize cargo, best practice methods, client’s relations consistent revenue growth over all to attain 15% profit.

Sharaf Shipping Agency LDA–Maputo, Mozambique (Southern Africa) 2005 – 2008

Assignment: Shipping and Distribution

Term: General Manager/(Country Head)

Software: Oracle Application

Key Responsibilities: Operations, Marketing, Finance, Accounts, System & Administration:

Activities: Shipping Agents, Clearing, Warehousing, Supply chain management, Freight Forwarders,

? Operations : Proficiency & understanding of Carrier requirement in handling vessel (Containers/Tramp), co-ordination with Port , Terminal operators and all statutory bodies with exchange of view to conquer turn around of the vessel performance.

? Marketing :Presentation of Port and Terminal throughputs for both inbound & outbound traffic , commodity, agri-products, seasonal/ project cargo and alliance with other Liner Agents, Carrier to promote freight forwarding business to negotiate the freight rates and service available to various destinations & operate independent profit centre for multi-locations.

? Clearing: Appointment of local Clearing Agents, customs documentation, shipping instructions, packing list, commercial Invoice, container stuffing, customs examination and transportation to terminal. Job cost and billing procedures.

? Warehousing, supply chain management :Procurement of Agro-products, packing, stacking in warehouse, bonding, marking, stock requisition, release of cargo, co-ordinate with Carrier/ Agents to release of Bill of Ladings, comply with Buyer requirements and monitoring complete process of supply chain managements.

? Liner Agents & Documentation: Assisting the chain of operations in shipping documentation, Equipment control, EDI, pre-arrangements of Import / Export Manifest, Client management, Delivery Order process, and demurrage / detention calculation and daily collections.

? Vessel Operations & Accounting: Verification of bilateral agreement with Carrier Operator, supervision & compile the vessel revenue with quantitative analysis. Process of Disbursement Accounts, monitoring of bills, verifications, Voyage accounts reconciliations and submission of monthly reports, SOA and settlement of dues

? Budget & P & L: Preparation of budget for the location with cost versus revenue, reports to the management, timely guidance and attain the Profitability, submission of Fiscal returns. Audited financials & recommendations (Profit & Loss/Quantity analysis/ Balance sheet etc.)

? I.T Systems: Training to staff in ERP, system development, Concept in Oracle 9i integrated software application for shipping, & financial accounting, infrastructure, working on WAN, and web based applications, remote access assistance, trouble shootings.

? Administration-Staff Recruitment & Training: Train the staff for job application, screen the abilities, upgrading the skills, transparency, inter-change responsibilities, staff attendance, pay roll, determine of Admin cost, medical benefits, insurance, co-ordination with designated staff for multiple agencies.

? Statutory Requirements: Examine and compromise of monthly and quarterly returns Social Security/ Income Tax / Withholding Tax & VAT and robust VAT procedures followed to ensure non-compliance and the risk of penalty payments.

Achievements: Increased by 75% of efficiency with new techniques in handling multiple branches:

? Business Expansion & Multiple Agencies: Consultation, obtaining Business license & approvals from all statutory bodies, Central Bank for Investments, new agencies, agreements, establish multiple companies and branch locations, re-structure & designate staff for multiple business activities.

? Procedure & Control: Establish the internal control measures, verification of bills, supplier’s agreement, Credit terms, approvals, Client accounts management, Job Costing, Profit analysis, competitive quotations & approvals, invoicing, reporting commercial activities to principals & management.

Seaways Shipping Limited: India. 1991 – 2005

Business Activity: Shipping Agents, Stevedores, Clearing & Forwarding, NVOCC AND Feeder Operators.

Project: Shipping and Distribution

Term: Asst General Manager

Key Responsibilities: (Group Business & Client Management, Operations, Accounts)

? Group Activities: Assisting & procedure implementation, control measures, Corporate Fiscal policies, assigning job responsibilities, Business conferences, appraisals, set up Company Assets & management, Negotiations with Banks and commercial Institutions. Conducting manager’s conference, develop inter branch relations.

? Business Activities in Multiple Locations: Evaluate the business prospects location wise, Providing Analytical support to drive the business growth, viability of branch, Key decision making, collection of business statistics i.e. cargo/inbound/outbound volumes, assigning target, promotion of multiple activities, re-investments to new business enterprises.

? Client Management : Analyze the requirements the client, bilateral agreement, Credit rating and grouping, matching schedule of shipments, terms and conditions of (dispatch/demurrage as per charter party agreements) deal the shipments, bill concurrence, Monitoring Collections,

? Operations: Schedule of the shipments, Port norms, Forecast operations, and budget, Pre-operation planning, cost control, performance review. Warehouse management, forwarding shipments, Equipment control and Stevedoring, Customs Clearance,CFS,Vessel Agencies, NVOCC for all inbound/outbound for Sea and Air Cargo & In-land logistics operations,

? Management Accounts: Assisting and key responsibilities, procedures, defining scope of work for support staff, verification & develop accuracy, period end journals and reconcile daily reports, staff meetings, consolidation of accounts ,P & L A/c ,Balance sheet and tax planning.

? Credit Policy: Pro-actively manage all credit control functions including comprehensive credit analysis and risk management, recommendations, inspections, revision of rates & contracts, approval of bills, (OTS) One time settlement of dues.

? Internal Audit: Formation of internal audit team, schedule of audit for the multiple locations, checklist, new methods and techniques, Educate the staff for audit requirements. Treasury management, tax audit and presentation of fiscal returns, & review of work flow, Audit reports,


? Improved 60% performance in managing multiple projects ,operate and timely completion of the clients.(Power Plant Project)

? Independently handled bulk shipment with avg. volume of 1.70 Mil. Tones per annum, efficiency in delivery of cargo, realization of funds, and achieved 18% of profit and repatriation of funds.

? Re-structure the multiple locations, recovery of 80% debts collection, new client set-up, new business development in Liner agencies and ICD Locations.

Vijay Nirman Construction -India. 1984 - 1991

Business Activity: The Company is one among the pioneer constructions specialization in Jetties & Berths for Port Operations and commercial complex and Asia Development Projects.

Project: Constructions

Term: Project Manager

Job Responsibilities

? Project Assessments: Compiling data for project wise, verifying the cost, draw the observations for costing, tender participations, Co-ordination with support staff to achive the projects, Jetty Constructions, Material requirements, phase wise procurement, Suppliers negotiations, Work in progress bills , follow-up with clients, Final Billing project wise and settlement and realization of funds.

Project accountings, execution and co-ordination of support staff and assemble a team project wise and collection of data and meet the targets as schedule. Tracking of project completion, Report to management project wise.


Graduate in Commerce





Added skill: Oracle E-Business Suite 11i.10 Financials (AR, AP, GL, FA and Cash Management) & Other M.S.Office applications, MS.Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS Power Point.


Bur Dubai, Dubai,
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