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Senior Electrical Enginner/ Senior Electrical Maintenence Engineer


I would like to look after the instalation of new project in Shipyards. I am also intrested to work as Electrical Officer in naval ship/Merchent Ship including oil/Gas tanker. I am non smoker. I can also works senior maintenence engineer(Electrical Engineer). Being a Degree holder of HRM and Diploma in Management I would like to weork in the HRD Department also.


My basic technical qualification is the three years Diploma in Electrical Engineer with specilisation in Power Electronic & Control Engineering. I joined the Indian Coast Guard on 20 Mar 1987 as Electrical Artificer 4th Class. Presently I am Pardhan sahayak Engineer (Master Chief Electrical Artificer-Ist Class). During span of 20 years I have sucessfully completed technical/management courses [EAP4 'Q' Course(52 weeks), Chief Electrical Artificer Course(18 weeks), Leadership & management(4 weeks each)] which were conducted by Indian Navy. I have served different type on board ship such as SDB Class, Fast Petrol Vessol (FPV class), Offshore petrol Vessel(OPV Class) and in the Base Maintenence Workshop. During this period I was actively involved in Short Refit,Normalrefit and Medium refit. During this period while performing my duties I acquired the additional qualification also. These are includes Three Years Degree course in Bachlor in Business Administration (BBA), Post Graduate Diploma in Human resources Management, Diploma in Management and further persuing the MBA.


1. Secondary Technical Certificate Course

2. Three Years Diploma in Electrical Engineer

3. Bachlor Degree in Business Administration

4. Post Grduate Diploma in Human Resourcs Management

5. Diploma in Management

6. Elecrical Artificer Power 4 'Q' Course (52 week)

7. Chief Electrical Artificer (power)'Q' course

8. Leadership Course (04 Weeks)

9. Management Course (04 weeks)

10.Persuing MBA




I am active inservice and can leave with in three month after giving the notice.

Chennai, Tamilnadu,
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