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Senior Civil Engineer


A qualifies engineer with an exceptional track record of management, supervision, and leadership with high strong personality in leading others; as well as hands on technical expertise in the same , seeking an employment utilizing my management and organizational skills as well as seeking a senior techno-managerial position with a dynamic organization to apply accrued skills in contributing towards the achievement of tangible and intangible.


May 2008 Till April 2010 Position: Manager for civil works- Technical Services department. .

Company: HPH (Hutchison Port Holding).

Designation Chronology:

• AICT (Alexandria International container Terminal) as project manager for civil works.

• Technical advisor and Project controller in new construction yard terminal project; from pre-contract up to completion at Dar Es Salam-Tanzania on behalf of HPH.

• Technical advisor and Project controller for the quay crane rail rectification for 600 meter berth; from pre-contract up to completion at Karachi-Pakistan on behalf of HPH.

• Implementing and following up a management system for The Engineering Department of JICT (Jakarta International Container Terminal).

Generic Responsibilities:

Reporting to the Senior Manager of the Technical Services department

• Setup new management System for JICT to handle the current and the future projects as well as the maintenance system, the work included re-organizing the staff as well as determine the required projects and contracts to implement the system.

• Rail rectification of KICT (Karachi International Container Terminal) , starting from find solution of the shifting of Quay Wall for a distance of 600 Meter length and ending with solving the problem by rectify the existing crane rail as well as injecting the Quay Wall behind the piles and ending with implementing monitor system for future expectation,

Work included:

o Budget control

o Quality control

o Completion of work at the targeted time.

• Working at Tanzania Terminal (TICTS) as a project controller and technical advisor; actively monitor the progress , the contractor and local & international consultants performance for the infra structure, utilities and paving for a project area of 6 Hectares starting from preparing the tender documents till completion of the project.

Work included:

o Preparing the tender document and the scope of work for the international consultant services for the Berth Upgrading for a berth length of 718 meters.

o Budget control.

Work as well included,

o Soil investigation for the entire area.

o Set out the proper design with the consultant according to the investigation results.

o land reclamation, filling and paving including approving the filling materials in accordance with the specification , approving the compaction tests and the method (procedures) of paving.

All work above included monitoring closely the contractor and subcontractors.

• Participate in the business development for the new terminals in Africa such as terminal B100 Alexandria, Egypt as a green field project of 1200m long berthing line, total 880m long quay wall structure and 389.5m long revetment and 44 Hectares yard area work included designing the layout of the new terminals to comply with the operation requirements, prepare cost estimate , participating in the business plan as well as the financial models .

Assisting in the preparation of tender documents, the review of tender submissions and the preparation of the tender evaluation reports .

May 2008 Till April 2010 Position: Manager for civil work.

Location: Alexandria, Egypt

Company: AICT ( Alexandria International Container Terminal) member of

HPH (Hutchison Port Holding).

Generic Responsibilities:

Reporting directly to the company’s CEO as responsible in the department planning for new projects, budget and cost control, work included the following:

• Working as a project controller; actively monitor the progress and the contractor’s and local, international consultant’s performance for the construction of the container plinths and block paving for an area of 10.5 Hectares starting from preparing the tender documents till completion of the project, the project designed and supervised by Halcrow Consultancy UK.

Work included;

o Approve the consultant design .

o Micromanaging the contractor’s work starting from the site clearance, protecting the excavated areas (depth oh excavation reached 4 meters , ground improvement by backfilling using specified materials and consolidated by vibrating plate compactor in layers as well closely monitor the required survey prior to commencement of excavation and backfilling. .

o Closely monitor the contractor at the paving work which was consists of:

Concrete block paving consisting of a compacted sub-base, a lean concrete road base, a laying course of sand and precast concrete block surfacing (minimum 100mm thick).

Asphalt paving consisting of a compacted sub-base, a lean concrete road base and asphalt surfacing.

Rigid concrete paving consisting of a compacted sub-base and a pavement quality reinforced concrete slab.

• As a project manager for the construction of a warehouse for an area of 700 sq. meters.

• Responsible for the maintenance of 2 terminals at AICT (ALX.. terminal 10.5 Hectares and DKH for 18.5 Hectares) including the yard , building and utilities at the 2 terminals as well the quay wall.

• As project manager for the rearranging of Alexandria terminal in a direction to change the traffic flow, starting from preparing the design up to competition of work.

• Designing section budgets (projects and maintenance budget) , and effecting cost cutting measures to maintain adherence to the same. Evaluating supplier bids, identifying suppliers for optimal cost effectiveness.

• Conducting weekly and monthly preventive maintenance checks on buildings and yards’ utilities.

• Presenting updates to the senior managers at weekly management meetings.

• Submitting periodical reports.

October 2007- April 2008 Position: Project coordinator- Discovery Center project in Damascus

Location: Damascus, Syria.

Company: Pacer Consultant

Generic Responsibilities:

Report directly to the Project Manager

• Working in coordination between Syria governorate and project’s designers.

• Design coordinator for the project’s designers (Henning Larson Architects , Buro Happold Engineering Martha Schwartz partners.)

March 2006 -September 2007 Position: Senior Resident Engineer for the Construction of Alexandria and Dkheila Container terminal

Location: Alexandria, Egypt .

Company: Pacer Consultant

Client: AICT ( Alexandria International container Terminal)

Generic Responsibilities:

Report directly to the Project Manager

• Design Coordination in scope of revising and issuing all the tender documents for buildings and yard works , the design done my Scott Wilson UK and local Egyptian consultants ,

• Flowing up the consultant companies, assure the Employer Requirements , issue the tender document and assist in the evaluation of the tender return documents

• Work included the Buildings, Quay area, utilities and Yard works, the project designed and managed by Scott Wilson consultancy UK.

• Work at Quay wall included demolition /clearance of the existing structures do the pilling underneath the quay crane land beam , ground improvement of the quay deck area.

• Reclamation of 18.5 and 10.5 Hectares starting from excavation of the existing soil up to 4 meters depth , back filling the area and construct the paving structure which was consists of :

Concrete block paving consisting of a compacted sub-base, a lean concrete road base, a laying course of sand and precast concrete block surfacing (minimum 100mm thick).

Asphalt paving consisting of a compacted sub-base, a lean concrete road base and asphalt surfacing.

Rigid concrete paving consisting of a compacted sub-base and a pavement quality reinforced concrete slab.

• Check the design of the yard’s utilities with the existing utilities (water, sewer ,storm water, fire fighting) systems.

• Coordinate all the construction drawings especially regarding the levels (RTGs , paving ,utilities ….)

• Revising of all the submittals for most of the project items (shop drawings and material)

• Following up and monitoring the Supervision staff. ( 14 Civil engineer).

• Following up the contractor time schedule.

• Carrying out the cost control

• Prepare for the progress meeting with the contractor s (main and sup contractors)

• Prepare all periodical reports.

June 2005–Feb. 2006 Position: Projects Manager for CIB Renovation and New branches Projects

Location: Cairo, Egypt.

Company: Pacer Consultant

Generic Responsibilities:

Report directly to the Client’s Project Manager.

• Review the Tender documents submitted from the consultants to achieve the owner requirements,

• following up time schedules presented by contractors,

• Carrying out the cost control ,

• Following up the contractor through the site visits and regular meetings.

• The work also includes review and approving of the periodical reports before submission to the client

1994 – May 2005 Position: Civil Engineer- : Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation – Egyptian

Location: West desert, Egypt.

Company: Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation – Egyptian Public Authority for Drainage Projects.

Generic Responsibilities:

• Water boards project (funded by Netherlands government), as drainage engineer for the in the scope of carrying out the coordination between the different parties of the project, establishment of the water boards and preparing the technical courses for the board members

• Hydraulic pipe jacking (culvert- siphon) under ( Cairo-Alx high way – Elnasr Canal as assistant project manager in the scope of review the designs submitted by the consultants, prepare the contract documents and carrying out the technical and financial appraisal of the contractors. The work also includes follow up the contractor activities and preparing the periodical reports.

• As Civil engineer for the Construction and rehabilitation of the drainage system at West Nubaria area (350 Thousand acres ).

• Assisting and participating in the design of the drainage network as well as in all the network elements such as culverts, bridges, weirs, aqueducts and siphons.

• Working as a supervision engineer in the scope of following the contractor's works (earth works for excavating main and sub drains, constructions such as culverts, bridges, weirs, aqueducts and siphons) and preparing a periodical assessments reports


May 1993 B.Sc. of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University

June 2000 Diploma, in Water Resources Engineering (Irrigation& Hydraulics), Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria university, Egypt.

MAY 2002 International course on INISTITUTIONS FOR WATER MANEGMENT held at




• Experience in Maritime Engg, Project Mgmt, Budgeting, Utilities.

• Experience in Projects Controlling, Auditing, Supervising, Recruiting, HR, Leadership, Team Building.

• Experience in using FIDIC- Red Book.

• Experience in communications and coordination skills.

• Experience in Problem solving.

Computer skills:

Excellent in the following:

- Windows and Its applications, Microsoft office applications, Word, Excel, power point

- AutoCAD

- Microsoft project

- Primavera

- Familiar with all internet browsers


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