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Security Manager


Presently working in hostile environments, would like to return to Maritime security in Hostile environments. Vast working experience with Shipping lines handling Piracy issues and stowaway repatriation.


I have trained crews in Anti Piracy for Golden Ocean Shipping line and worked on a multitude of shipping lines dealing with Anti Piracy issues and stowaway illegals. Many of th emission I performed were covert surveillance and reporting of illegal activities on board commercial vessels.


Presently enrolled on Degree in business studies and the shipping industry will give me opportunity to study as well as perform my duties on board.

I joined the Royal Marines Commando's at 16yrs old and served until I was 27yrs old. I left the Military as my contract was complete and I did not wish to re- enlist.



Coxswain Small assault ribs


Medic (Combat) Maritime Anti Terrorist Unit. RM )


Management of up to 250 staff of mixed culture and ethnic backgrounds in Iraq , Afghanistan m And Pakistan.

Worked at Colonel rank with government leaders and senor security experts from around the world.


I am presently looking for a stable position with a work ethic of honesty and company loyalty. I have three children and I would like to enjoy some time with them in which ever country I can be based rather than War Zones.

Wick, Caithness,
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